How Ted Bauman Helps People Protect Their Wealth And Privacy

While born and raised in the United States, Ted Bauman is a graduate of South Africa’s University of Cape Town. He earned degrees in economics and history. Later on he earned an MBA and finance degree at Georgia State University, in 2001, and in 1993 he earned a degree in business administration at the State University of New York. Ted Bauman spent 25 years working in South Africa. He worked for a number of nonprofits as their fund manager. Most of the nonprofits he worked for were organizations that build low-cost housing. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

While working in South Africa he helped implement post-apartheid policies including those affecting the economy and urbanization. He also served as a consultant to different entities such as governments in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He spent quite a bit of time traveling extensively throughout Africa and Asia for his work which better informed him how different political and economic systems can vary based on societies. He also wrote research articles on economics, as well as commentary, that appeared in publications such as Small Enterprise Development and The Journal of Microfinance.

He is now an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, a company that provides independent financial advice to its subscribers. He has been with this organization for the past five years. He says he takes a different approach than the other editors at Banyan Hill Publishing because he comes from an economic background rather than investing. This gives him the ability to approach investing from a broader-based perspective.

In the financial newsletters Ted Bauman edits he writes about overall economic trends as well as market developments. His first newsletter was The Bauman Letter. This newsletter, published monthly, is all about helping his subscribers preserve their wealth using various strategies. He helps people attain financial freedom and preserve their privacy.

Alpha Stock Alert is another newsletter of his. This one gives subscribers stock recommendations using the system he built called Alpha Code. This system can identify which particular companies will do well in both bull and bear markets leading to the possibility of good returns. He says this is a system built on algorithms which he developed with the assistance of some Wall Street experts. The latest newsletter of his is Plan B Club. Drawing on his own personal experience living abroad, Ted Bauman helps people get citizenship in other nations. He also shows them how to escape issues such as excessive taxation for American living overseas.




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