Ian King: A Man of Varied Investment Advice

Ian King is a very impressive investment guru and financial advisor for Banyan Hill Publishing. He was selected for his role because of his extensive expertise in the realm of cryptocurrency. He also has experience as a hedge fund manager. When working with individuals out in the field, he spent much of his time analyzing and trading on the financial markets. This gave him a great foundation to build on and he soon began a role as a senior analyst for Banyan Hill. One of his most important publications for this independent investment advisement company is Crypto Profit Trader. Anyone interested in his methods is encouraged to view it on Banyan Hill’s website.

He has become so important in the cryptocurrency market that he is encouraged a lot of interest in the investment surrounding it. “Ian King Says Robinhood Could Help Cryptocurrency Values Soar” is one such article that follows the sum of the advice that he gives to his new investors. He believes that the brand-new investment company and application Robin Hood will allow investors to glean more from the process and they ever had before. He also believes that it will put them in a position where they can adequately buy and sell cryptocurrencies, leading to a spike in value for the overall monetary system.

It Ian King’s hope that his readers will gain enough knowledge from his own experiences to make sound decisions when it comes to their trades. He foresees a huge bomb in this type of trading centered around applications that will make the process easier. One reason that he believes Robin Hood will be so pivotal to this growth is that Robin Hood does not charge exorbitant fees for the trading of cryptocurrency, a theme that is growing in recent years.

For investors that are not so interested in the process of cryptocurrency, Ian King still wants them to be aware of the potential falls that may happen in the market. There is a coming cycle with the Federal Reserve that could have implications on the way that the market plays out in the future. There is a chance that the rates can hike up in a cycle that will make trading very different than it is now.. There is an article that provides this pertinent information to readers “Is the Federal Reserve About to Crash the Markets? Ian King Advises Investors to Be Cautious”. He warns them that if they want to trade now they should do so carefully, and always look to protect their money or investments. Read more:



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