Ian King: A Messianic Force For Cryptocurrency

In financial circles, on investment shows and on the evening news, there might be no topic hotter than cryptocurrency. The thought that a currency that you cannot see, feel or, for a lot of people, even understand, leaves those who are curious a bit baffled by it’s very nature. Cryptocurrency is the most exciting investment vehicles that the markets have seen in a long, long time. This currency operates exclusive of any central bank and it is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to generate the currency units. The transfer of funds from one holder to another is also conducted through this encrypted, proprietary technology. Read more on about Ian King.

Many people read about what cryptocurrency is, yet they still have a lot of questions. This is why master of this art-of-the-trade, like Ian King-Banyan, brings a lot to the table and is a venerated component of demystifying this hot commodity. Contributing Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. King has over 2 decades behind him of market-analyzing experience. He is nothing short of passionate about cryptocurrency, and this has landed him the position of being a top contributor on the financial education website, Investopedia.

At this point in his career, he has narrowed down the art of trading cryptocurrency down to 3 steps. This system he has created is currently in the auspicious “patent pending” status. Ian King has become a total student of this currency, and he likely sees this as a harbinger of great things to come, which is a position that is hardly arguable. Crypto brought a new sense of excitement, and new options for investing, to those that really have likely not had this kind of option in a long, long time. It is slowly creating a new dimension to trading. Visit This Page for more info

In recent years, companies that have achieved a $1 billion valuation have been coined “unicorns.” A traditional understanding of a unicorn is something that is mythical, that we will never actually see, but that said, I think they need a new word because there are unicorns everywhere. Uber is a “unicorn” by these standards, and many companies are joining these ranks. That said, the new term for crypto unicorns is “cryptocorn.” Cryptocorn means of course a cryptocurrency company or concern that has reached that lofty $1 billion valuation. This is becoming far more common, and Ian King is aware of the power of this auspicious vehicle for growing one’s wealth. Aside from being an investment, there is a lot of hope in cryptocurrency; a hope that governments will no longer rule our investment capital, and that the investment capital will ultimately rule itself. This is slowly marking a dawn of a new day for investing.

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