IAP Worldwide Services is Undoubtedly One of the Best Government Contractors

Thousands of companies work together with the US government, especially national security agencies on Hoovers. One of the companies that have had a long-time relationship with the government is IAP Worldwide Services. The company dates back the business relationship to the 1990s when it was contracted to supply the troops in Saudi Arabia with generators.

Today, IAP Worldwide controls over 50 percent of the government’s military projects including maintenance and management. The company has expanded its scope of service to cover logistics, tactical communications and network solutions.

IAP recently announced the acquisition of DRS Technologies Inc. It will now be in control of DRS’s Aviation and Logistic divisions located in Oklahoma on Monster. The new development will increase the company’s service portfolio and also its client base.

IAP Worldwide also acquired G3 Systems Limited, a British engineering company that provides government and commercial solutions in the UK and parts of Asia. IAP now has the capability to design and maintain equipment and facilities on a global scale. The company boasts of employees who have the skills and knowledge to provide quality and prompt services. The Company has a highly effective emergency service team that responds to a situation within a considerable time. Its offices are available in more than 20 countries. It has over 1,600 employees stationed at more than 110 offices.

The Afghan government recently chose IAP to control its air traffic base in Kabul. The contract will include management and maintenance of its air traffic control system on Other latest jobs contracted by the company include maintenance of air traffic controller tower at Herat, field services at Cape Canaveral, South Korea and ATC instructor at Mary Esther, Florida. The company is also responsible for providing logistics and other forms of solutions to the US Army troops based in Afghanistan. One of its major contracts with the US government was worth $307 million.

IAP Worldwide’s success can be attributed to the diligence and commitment of its management and workforce. At the height of its leadership is Douglass Kitani. He is the Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for the day to day activities of company including making critical decisions. The Board of Directors helps to keep him in check and ensure he leads the company towards the right direction of profitability. For many years, IAP Worldwide Services will continue to be a leading service provider for the government because its management consists of individuals who know how to identify potentials and keep relationships alive.

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