Igor Cornelsen piece of advice to investors before making any investment

Igor Cornelsen worked as a banker in Brazil, without knowing that it would be so helpful in his career later. Through his career in banking did not last long because he quit after he was involved with a short stint. Igor changed his interest to investments. Since then he has been an advisor to the investors, advising them on some of the mistakes that they should not make when investing. Instead, what he does is advising investors in some of the damaged stock that they should invest in, which later he will advise them on how they will go about selling them so that to make a profit. Taking advantage of the damaged stock is so helpful according to Igor because most likely these stocks are cheap and affordable, but later when the market stabilizes then they will pick up, and they can be resold.

Igor Cornelsen being a banker has helped him with the knowledge that he needs in dealing with any situation. Igor has benefited so many companies, one of them being the Burger King organization which has benefited a lot when it comes to the advice of Igor. He has been in the investment business for long, so he has an idea about the merits and demerits of investing in any investment.

The advice that Igor Cornelsen gives to his investors is that they should try countries like China because one thing about China it’s that it has Brazil as its trading partner. Besides that China has a very similar economy with Brazil. His advice is that before making any investment in any country, one thing that anyone should consider is the trading partner that country has and the countries that they compete with so that to get maximum profit in the investment. Igor advice against investing in new companies became that’s one mistake so many people make. Investors rush to this companies later to lose everything. History has shown that hot new business not most of them succeed. A new company will rise so fast, but later it will collapse with they get to face the turbulence in the market. Read more on Reporter Expert:



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