Inmates Catch Up With Their Kids and Relatives on Securus Visitation Video

 Securus Technologies visitation video discovery is very jazzing. Watching the video brings happy emotions watching an inmate catching up with his child. The Securus Visitation Video technology is one of the best innovations the company has developed. In addition, the person who thought about the idea of creating a video app that helps inmates to continue playing their parental roles in the life of their children deserves the best award Securus Technologies offers to their employees. View the company profile on


Fundamentally, the video starts with good news that as an inmate you can spend few minutes with your child without literally being together. With the video, it is now easy for you to share the best moments in your life and their life while still in the correction facility. Some of the important times in children include birthdays and playing childlike games. Kids love it when they celebrate and do these activities in the presence of their both parents present.


Furthermore, Securus visitation video helps the loved ones in correction centers to express their love for the children, pets, spouses, and other members of the family while seeing each other. Moreover, the app aids the parents to watch their kids playing their favorite games and watching cartoons on TV. This shows that truly the company is connecting the people that matter to each other.


Securus Technologies Products and Services


If you are in charge of a correction center in the US, and you are shopping for an excellent inmate service provider, then you ought to consider Securus Technologies. The company has a variety of attractive services tailored to meet the needs of the incarcerated persons.


One of the services your correction facility will enjoy is the Securus visitation video. The service allows your inmates to reach their family members via video. They can watch whatever they are doing at home while still in the cells. This visitation technology saves the inmates friends and loved ones money spent on transport when visiting them literally.


In addition, Securus technologies provide phone services for the people behind bars. One of the phone services is the advance connect. Inmates that need to control their spending when calling their relatives and friends use this service as it is prepaid. Besides, Securus has the direct bill phone service. The product gives the families and friend of the inmate freedom to make phone calls to the incarcerated persons and the bills sent directly to their account on monthly basis. Moreover, the inmates enjoy traditional collect and inmate phone call services from Securus.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.


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