Innovation. Security. Technology. NuoDB

NuoDB is a data based management system that:

NuoDB is a database that grows as far and as fast as your business while maintaining the security of your transactions. NuoDB scales your business’s transaction information horizontally and vertically which gives your business the choice of moving up and out.

Plenty of elasticity and plenty of movement lets business owners track and analyze their business performance for now and in the future.

NuoDB offers strict guarantees and security on transactions between your customers and B2B.

Would your business be supported by a distributed database? By moving your business to the NuoDB, you can enjoy a broader range of transactions (one million per sec) to meet your business’s growing needs. Is your business growing? Do you need more transactions processed? No worries. Just add a node and increase your transaction performance.
You won’t lose access to your database, even during an outage. Instant information recovery.

NuoDB: For the past, present, and future of your businesses needs.


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