Investor Paul Mampilly Explains Why The Internet Of Things And Millenials Are Changing Everything

Paul Mampilly has about 25 years of experience investing. Many of these years were spent on Wall Street in a number of roles. He was an analyst for a few big firms where he specialized in industries such as biotech, utilities, healthcare, telecommunications, basic materials, and more. He once helped to manage a $23 billion hedge fund and in his last position on Wall Street he managed a $6 billion hedge fund himself. He says that in the past his clients have included Swiss banks, the Templeton Foundation, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Fortune 500 companies among others.

He now resides just outside of Durham, North Carolina. He founded Profits Unlimited which is his monthly financial newsletter. He lets readers know about opportunities to invest in businesses that others have missed. It has over 60,000 subscribers and is meant for Main Street investors who don’t have the financial knowledge to really delve into the details and find gems of companies to invest in and he lets his readers know when it is time to get back out of a company’s stocks. He publishes this newsletter through Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit Paul Mampilly on facebook.

Paul Mampilly says that there are two huge trends which he thinks are changing how investing works. The first is the Internet of Things and the other is millennials. The Internet of Things is poised to change how people live and work. It involves all sorts of devices being interconnected together so that they can talk to each other and make life easier for people. One of these devices is smart thermostats which learn the habits of the occupants of a home, such as when they go to work, come home, and go to sleep. They can automatically adjust the temperature so that homes are more comfortable and save energy. Another example he uses is cars increasingly being able to talk to the roads they’re driving on to find out about upcoming traffic conditions.

Millennials are already changing entire industries, he says. Paul Mampilly says that millennial find very different things appealing to them than what prior generations thought of things. This is also a huge generation which makes it have an outsized influence. He researches how millennials are changing industries so that the readers of Profits Unlimited know how to invest their money to make huge profits.

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