James Dondero: Philanthropic Achievements

James Dondero has done his share of contributing to society. He is still doing it. What he has done in an effort to make a difference in the communities of Dallas, Texas has helped to enrich the people and add to their overall well being. Philanthropy has always been something that Dondero wanted to achieve. He has experienced much success in that area of his life. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

One such example of his giving happens to do with the Dallas Zoo. He donates $1 million for a hippo habitat. The residents of Dallas that visited the zoo often began to complain of the hippo habitat being closed. As a result of those complaints, James Dondero took care of the issue with his donation. He likes the hippo habitat and now there is a Highland Capital Lodge for guests wanting to host events. Zoo officials believed having the lodge is the real reason that the zoo is crowded instead of the hippo habitat. Either way, much revenue is being brought in thanks to both. Follow James on Linkedin.

Funding this hippo habitat is considered one of James Dondero’s finest achievements and rightfully so. He saved a zoo habitat and as a result, it contributed to the well-rounded efforts of everyone who visits. Dondero has given to other worthy causes such as the George W. Bush Library, where veterans can get help. Dondero is always looking to improve upon the society in which he lives s whole. We need to respect him.

When doing philanthropic work, there is a sense of joy that goes into it. Being able to give and see people benefit from what you have donated makes you smile. You really find yourself wanting to give more. There is nothing with making donations. Being able to give back definitely has a hugely positive outlook.



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