Jason Hope Talks About Technology And Anti-Aging Research

The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a futuristic technology expert who has written tons of information regarding the internet of things. The internet of things really just means the connection that technology brings to table in order to sync things together. Some of the devices that can be in sync with others can be appliances, cars, street lights and everyday electronics. It’s about all of these things using technology as a foundation or language to communicate with another. It decreases waste and makes life more efficient. Read more:

How Technology Will Change The Future

Jason Hope feels that the internet of things will eventually change the way business are run and can be the biggest game changer in technology for years into our future. Smart technology in particular is a choice right now for consumers, however the way of the future is that smart technology will be the only way. Simple things such as powering the home or making the morning coffee will all use technology in the future. Companies will compete to make the best apps for consumers on all devices. It will be very competitive and the winner will be the one with the best utility for consumers. Jason Hope has touched on topics such as security concerns, also the positive influence all of this technology can have on the medical, automotive industries and others.

Eternal Youth Medicine

A new area of medicine called rejuvenation biotechnologies is believed to be the answer to eternal youth. Jason Hope says the research behind this anti-aging discovery is not just about living longer, but also having a longer and better life. Hope began supporting the scientists at SENS Foundation in 2010. At that time he donation $500,000 for a new laboratory. Since then he has contributed over $1 million specifically for anti-aging research. His success in predicting future waves of technology has placed him on the list of leading futurists in the United States.

Behind The Research

SENS is Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. The NS means the symptoms of aging aren’t present. Animals such as hydras and tortoises have this trait, while humans and other organisms tend to break down hard as fast as the longer they live.

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