Jeff Yastine: The Financial Expert Of Our Times

Jeff Yastine believes that Amazon has more to do with just finding something to buy online, but instead has sinister intentions regarding finance and dominance. Jeff Yastine, who is editor of Total Wealth Insider, a Banyan Hill publication, helms the lead giving an education about investment trends and the latest financial news in the market. He has a thorough background in Finance and Journalism. He has spend years in the industry, with a degree from the University of Florida. He became a television report in North Carolina after graduation. From 1993, his career soared upward and Yastine snagged a spot with BS on the show Nightly Business Report. Visit the website to learn more.

Jeff Yastine’s thoughts about Amazon should be looked at more closely with a seriousness of consideration. The online retailer who has dominated the markets for years has an overstated prediction of company troubles. Jeff Yastine has a sharp understanding on anti-trust laws and is aware of the financial news worldwide. He believes that Amazons hold on the market and power could be coming to an end very soon.

First off, antitrust laws are there to promote fair business practices overall. They are intended to keep one company from unfairly using practices that continue their market dominance. America is based on free trade, which is why many often challenge and question the regulation. In cases like Amazon it proves why antitrust laws are vital and important. You can often find some companies using these practices that do not help the consumer at all. Instead, these businesses are promoting their own interests at an unfair advantage. When this occurs, competition will die and consumers are left feeling the impact.

Yastine has talked and sat in the company of the most smartest financial whizzes in the world. Early in his career, he interviewed free-thinkers such as Warren Buffet to Sir Richard Branson and Michael Dell, to name a few. Yastine uses facts to describe the state of business that has happened in the last year. This involves about at least 26 large retailers who filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors. These companies have over $50 million in liabilities. Now in 2018, more retailers are in bankruptcy court as well. Yastine says the companies fail due to poor business decisions, however, that doesn’t mean that Amazon doesn’t have an over powering influence. Jeff Yastine believes Amazon has the advantage that other company can’t copy or repeat.

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