Jeunesse aims to impress with Luminesce

Since its first day of operations, Jeunesse Global has been a company dedicated not just to making a profit but also to helping to spread American-style economic opportunity across the globe and to creating revolutionary health and beauty products that will help usher in what the company refers to as Generation Young. And far from being just a catchy marketing slogan, the concept of Generation Young, as explained by Jeunesse founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, is more a philosophical ethos than a sales pitch.

Generation Young is the term that Ray and Lewis have coined to refer to the first generation in history that will have all of the science-derived tools at its disposal to push back against the worst effects of aging for years or even decades. In fact, Jeunesse Global’s entire mission could be aptly described as dedication to the bringing about of the toolset that will allow Generation Young to flourish.

Ray and Lewis have done yeoman’s work in bringing this vision to life. It is reflected in all of Jeunesse Global’s products. While most of the company’s products look, at first glance, like relatively nondescript rival products to those of the dominant names in the industry, when actually looking more closely, it becomes apparent that Jeunesse products are truly something unique and special.

The company’s advanced skin care moisturizer, Luminesce, is a good example of how Jeunesse puts the creation of Generation Young at the center of every project it undertakes. Luminesce stands on its own as a straightforward moisturizing lotion, being able to easily compete on price and quality with products offered by the biggest brand names. But it is where Luminesce goes farther that it really starts to stand out from the competition.

Apart from being a top-level dermatologist-developed moisturizer, Luminesce is also a potent age-defying formula that can help wipe off years from a user’s apparent age. Luminesce contains the company’s exclusive APT-200 molecule, which is capable of dramatically reducing wrinkles while restoring youthful skin elasticity that is inevitably lost to age.

With Luminesce, skin radiates a natural, youthful glow, helping people to look their best, every day of the week.


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