Jeunesse Global: Achieved an Airbrush Foundation Look at Home

Jeunesse Global is a company bringing people together to support each other in healthcare and business. The products Jeunesse Global promote, are skin care and vitamins, and they have offices global.


NV Is their foundation makeup line. There is a primer, the foundation, and a skin bronzer. These products provide a photographic, airbrush appearance.


This effect is achieved by the ability to mist the makeup on. The first application process involves lightly spraying the face to create a soft daytime look. For more coverage, mist the entire face again, and for the thickest most airbrushed look, spray the face three times. After the application, blend with a cosmetic sponge or your fingertips. (Learn more about Jeunesse Global on Crunchbase: Jeunesse GLobal)


To have the most success with NV, start with clean and moisturized skin. Dry flaky skin will not look the best under the foundation. When spraying the face, pull any loose hairs back, and it washes away with soap and water.


NV is available in nine different skin tones. Warm and cool ivory are the lightest tones. Deeper skin tones will use honey, cool toffee, and cool coco. Go To This Page for more information.


The NV website, powered by Jeunesse, has an innovative design feature to help you select the best shade. The site will ask you to select the brand and shade of your current foundation. Depending on your selection, it will pick out the perfect color.


If you are looking for the perfect moisturizer to use underneath NV, Jeunesse has already perfected that. The Luminesce line has a daily moisturizer. This lotion has a broad-spectrum sunscreen fortified with fruit extracts. Fruit extracts nourish skin.


Watermelon extract is blended into the lotion. It helps skin stay moist. Extracts from apples provide antioxidant treatment. Antioxidants are important because they work at a cellular level to prevent and repair damaged by the environment. Cucumber extract keeps the skins suppleness.


Jeunesse Global has set standards for all of its products. Their line of skin care has sold billions of units. The company is proud of their professional selling team and the work they do.




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