Jorge Moll on the Health and Power of Giving

Many people are embracing the act of giving leading to the increased philanthropic activities in the modern world. It also seems that people who give are happier than those that do not practice such activities. The people giving out tend to receive more unlike those who focus on accumulating everything for themselves (PCM). The question that comes to the minds of many is what exactly makes giving such a fulfilling experience. Most people are amazed at how much giving creates a positive influence in people’s lives. In an article published in the LiveScience by Jenny Santi explains the power of the article, Jenny Santi highlights various instances where some people have shown kindness to people in need of help and in return confess feeling good about their actions. Scientific research indicates that through giving of one’s treasures, talents, and time, people find meaning and fulfillment in life, means of transcending difficulties and finding purpose in life.

According to the article titled “The science behind the power of giving (Op-Ed)”, people embracing collaborations and compassion as their means to thrive and survive. According to neuroscientists such as Jorge Moll, human brains are wired to serve others, which explain the increasing number of volunteers and donations towards charity works. Another explanation behind the power of giving is the aspect of altruism. Research shows that those who give or help others report of feeling high after their actions. Some of them also reported feeling more energetic and stronger. Others also engage in helping others who suffer from a condition they experienced before. Through their helping actions, these people report of feeling less pain or suffering when they help others in their previous conditions.

About Jorge Moll

Moll is the current governing board member and president-director of D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He is also a senior researcher with the D’Or Institute for Research and education. Jorge Moll is also the head of cognitive Neuroscience unit and neuroinformatics at the same institute. Jorge Moll won the research fellow award in 2004-2007 and was appointed a member of the Brazilian Academy of sciences. He became a member of the board of governors with the International Neuroethics Society in 2012-2013. The Neuroscience Institute of the Stanford University feted him with the visiting scholar award in 2015.

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