Kevin Seawright’s RPS And NCST Help First-time Home Buyers

First-time homebuyers in Baltimore now experience more success with assistance from RPS Solutions LLC. Most recently, the company completed its second phase of a contract for a first time home buyer, Ms. Anita Blue, who purchased her dream house located at 5701 Edgepark in Baltimore MD.

The recently renovated three bedroom townhouse has new windows, two bathrooms, hardwood floors, a fireplace; granite countertops among other appealing features. The house was constructed in the year 1948 and it approximately has 1,450 square feet of indoor living space. The property has over 4,350 square feet and it has enough space for Anita and her family. Visit to learn more.

RPS Solutions LLC founder, Kevin Seawright has directed the company to improve the community and making affordable homes more accessible to more people. The company often works with people with limited finances and understanding about the home purchasing process but want to own a safe and modern property. Over the last one year, the company united with the NCST (National Community Stabilization Trust) that has helped to enhance the company’s ability to assist families with limited resources and want to enjoy the numerous benefits of owning a home. The partnership was intended to increase home purchases, especially due to its unique techniques and high access to properties.

Ms. Blue has expressed her gratitude for the partnership between NCST and RPS Solutions which according to her “it has made the home buying process more manageable; the RPS Solutions team was in control and assisted me all the way.” Knowing very little about purchasing a home, Anita continued to say that assistance from the dual “made it easier to transform into a homeowner” and that she would recommend the program to her family and friends who are planning to purchase a home in Baltimore.

According to Kevin Seawright, this alliance will be of great help to the Baltimore economy. During the official announcement of the partnership, Mr. Seawright gave his full-confidence about the benefits of the alliance to the community. The National Community Stabilization Trust deals with home restoration and renovation of abandoned or vacant properties all over the country. The company was founded in the year 2009, and it has successfully completed its demolition and renovation ventures to re-purpose unoccupied homes. With community development and life improvement as the organization’s main goals, it has been able to match over 23,000 houses with first time home buyers. View:




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