Kimberly Bakker Puts Her Own Spin On Event Planning


The event planning business is evolving and Kimberly Bakker is someone that knows how to roll with the punches. Bakker is someone that is staying abreast of things like the legalization of cannabis and she knows how to implement some of these things like this make an event special. Since these are the types of edible things that are now available for people in some states it has become easier for Bakker to add more options to her planning events.


Kimberly Bakker is a dedicated mother and an entrepreneur who established Kimberly Bakker Events. Her work ethic has mothers everywhere wondering how she does it and how she seems to be flawless in all aspects of life despite her busy schedule. In life and in business, she has a meticulous plan for everything in order to ensure the best results for her loved ones and clients.


According to Kimberly Bakker, the event planning bug is something that bit her when she was young. She was always someone that wanted to plan events for guests, and she decided to make this her full time profession as an adult. It has become a concept that has evolved into personal and professional event planning.


There are people that rely on Kimberly for birthday planning as well as other corporate leaders that rely on Kimberly for corporate events as well. Kimberly Bakker’s skills have become valuable to a large audience and a lot of her business is consistently growing as more clients discover her event planning skills.


The industry is filled with event planners but Kimberly Bakker has put her time into making sure that people know about her business. It is good to get word of mouth clients, and that is what Kimberly Bakker relies on heavily. She knows that people that are pleased with her parties and events are going to be the most reliable sources for referrals. Click Here for more information.


This is why she connects with her clients and creates a two way communication street where she obtains specific information about what they like. This gives her a much better chance to get more business. People like Kimberly Bakker are fans of event planning because they enjoy making clients feel important.





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