Krishen Iyer is a Renowned Entrepreneur and the Founder of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is a revered entrepreneur, and he mainly focuses on insurance marketing and consulting. He is the founder of Managed Benefits Services. The company was founded in 2016, and it was previously known as “Quick Link Marketing.” The organization specializes in technical development, client interfacing, and online marketing. Iyer mainly focuses on health insurance and dental insurance, and he usually deals with marketing and offering leads.

Krishen Iyer is dedicated to ensuring that his clients get access to quality services. His success has also come about because of his perseverance since the dynamics in the industry pose many challenges. He also excelled in his academics, and he has also founded many corporations throughout his career as an entrepreneur. Iyer is the holder of a degree in Public Administration which he got from the San Diego University. In 2002, Krishen Iyer began dealing with businesses that were related to insurance. Over the years, Iyer got an in-depth understanding of how insurance businesses operate, and he even founded the HIS Insurance where he served as the company’s CEO until 2014. In 2009, Iyer also founded an insurance company known as “Name My Premium.”

Iyer is passionate about his business endeavors, and he dedicated most of his time to his clients. During his free time, he engages in activities such as playing chess and soccer. He also participates in community service together with his family. Media houses have also had the privilege of interviewing Krishen Iyer, and during the interviews, he is always able to talk more about his journey to success and his motivation as an entrepreneur.

When asked about how he got the idea of coming up with Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer says that he had identified the need for specialized marketing. Some firms were unable to access the services that they needed but through Managed Benefits Services, these firms can the various solutions from some of the lead generation companies. By founding the Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer had now sealed the marketing gap that was present in the industry. As a marketing expert, Krishen Iyer is interested in trends such as marketing analytics which allows him to focus on finding a solution to the challenges that some of the clients are facing.


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