“Marc Beer Raises $ 42 Million to Facilitate Health Products for Women “

Marc Beer is the founder and the CEO of Renovia Inc. He is a seasoned executive who is widely recognized in the world of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and more so biotechnology. He has more than 25 years in developmental and commercialization in these industries. He is the former founder and CEO of Viacell, a company that seeks to collect and preserve stem cells of the umbilical cord blood. He worked at ViaCell for seven years after which he saw the company grow to a vast commercial organization. He also served at Genzyme where he held various positions. Genzyme focused on making treatments for diseases that are hard to diagnose and treat.

Marc Beer attended the Miami University, Ohio where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Apart from obtaining his degree from the university, he also became a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. He was also a member of the Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research, and also in Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. Marc Beer is known by many as an extensively experienced and highly qualified individual in terms of life sciences.

Marc Beer and his company Renovia Inc. in the year 2018 August made headlines for having raised $ 42 Million to start up a women’s health ($32 M) initiative and clear a venture debt($10M). This fund was meant to help in developing new and multiple products that would help the women who had problems in their pelvic floors, both diagnostic and treatment products. These kinds of problems are like urinary incontinence which is said affect about 250 million women in the world. Renova’s first product with regards to this initiative is Leva and was approved by the FDA in April.

Marc Beer’s Renovia has had investors such as Longwood Fund, Perceptive Advisor’s and Ascension. The fund will help the firm develop and test four new products and a new generation of Leva, all of which will facilitate women’s therapy. He is utilizing their innovation, sensor technologies and form factors in combination with the digital platform in all the processes of creating these products. He says all these steps will go a long way to aid the firm in generating valuable information which will dictate the new options of treatment to the consumers. The information will also give greater insight and knowledge to the pelvic floor conditions and hence lower the cost associated with long term health care.

Although Renovia Inc. is Marc Beer’s new and first venture, its growth and incentives are notably towards the positive. This is attributed to his unending dedication and focus to achieve his goals and making the world a better place to live through sustainable healthcare. Learn more:


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