Marc Sparks – A Flame

Marc Sparks had often been quoted in saying that one should not love the things of this life – to a degree. He is also remembered in having said that he never loves money, which he regards as the root of all evil: Money can often corrupt people and ruin their finances, – believe it or not – their marriages, their other relationships, their health and so much more; one is to use money wisely and as a gift from God while not becoming obsessed with its many destructive and corruption desires. One must also exercise balance and control while asking God to direct his or her steps on how best to use the money and other resources given, for this strategy will always lead to a greater success in this lifetime, at times one beyond what we could ever hope for or dream of as Sparks has already done. Learn more:


One should neither become so obsessed or self-seeking that he becomes entangled or addicted, for this is never good for any entrepreneur as Sparks further holds. He notes that he, first of all, never cared about money; he simply got lucky – or blessed – and received much from the good hand of God, especially after having put his name out there and worked quite hard as an entrepreneur for many years. You want to know what he does with all the money he makes now? He gives plenty of it away to charity, if not the greater part of his profits alone; this level of integrity is unspeakably rare to find among any top business leader in today’s world, but you will no less than find the full weight of it here in Marc. He can show you what it means to lead by example and to give like your life depends on it. Learn more:


Thanks to his many profits, he is now able to give from than he has ever given before; he is, in fact, remembered for giving in greater amounts than the previous – every single time. He likes to beat his old giving record and then to set a new one: How many leaders do you know that can confidently say the same, and how many are still in business today? Another remarkable thing about Marc is the fact alone that he allows God to supply every one of his needs, thereby trusting in the Almighty for protection and favor in all respects. Once Marc takes care of the needs of others, God then does his part and takes care of Marc’s. Learn more:


Marc cannot remember how many donations he has given. He knows they’re a lot. He has supported countless worthy causes in this short lifetime.



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