Matt Badiali Makes The Case For Investing In Gold Miners

Matt Badiali is Banyan Hill Publishing’s expert on investing in energy, mining, and agriculture. He has been writing about these topics for over a decade, showing his readers where opportunities lie in this complicated area of investing.

His philosophy about investing is that every investor should have some money in alternative assets such as gold mining companies or Canadian marijuana firms. It’s hard for regular investors to know what to invest in because doing so successfully means understanding not just knowing financial information but also about the science involved.

Matt Badiali brings a unique background to investing. He has a masters degree in science and was working toward his doctorate when an opportunity to use his knowledge to help investors popped up. It was because of his knowledge about geology that he was hand-picked to start writing a financial newsletter about investing in energy, mining, and agriculture.

Since August of last year, Matt Badiali has been telling people that if they don’t own gold mining stock it’s important to begin to do so. He thinks there are gold mining companies whose stock should be held for the long-term. Matt Badiali has said that the value of gold has dropped to its lowest prices of the past five years and once it starts going up so will the stock of the gold miners.

He says that some investors stay away from gold because of its bad reputation. They think that gold is just too risky and are worried gold mines are going to fail or get shut down. Matt Badiali says these fears are overblown and investing in it can result in a windfall. It’s also a very good way to diversify a portfolio and protect people from the gyrations of the global stock market.

He has been at Banyan Hill Publishing, working as a senior analyst, since March 2017. Prior to this, he worked in a similar role at Stansberry & Associates for nearly 12 years. He also spent over four years working as a geologist at Lemenze Environmental Drilling Co. in Lakeworth, Florida. Click here to learn more


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