Matt Badiali Uses His Geology Background To Help Natural Resources Investors

Matt Badiali is a natural resources investor who lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida. His educational background is in geology and he has developed several business skills such as analysis, finance, research, and marketing. He also does public speaking as well as designing new products and ideas. He is presently employed by Banyan Hill Publishing and he puts out a monthly financial newsletter which is dedicated to helping readers make money by investing in natural resources.

Having grown up with a strong interest in geology, Matt Badiali decided to pursue a doctorate in this field. To this end, he became a student at Penn State University in 1987 and he graduated five years later with a bachelor’s degree in geology. He then worked for six years in the natural resources industry, including at Lemenze Environment Drilling Company, before going back to school to get his master’s degree in geology. He attended Florida Atlantic University to earn this degree and graduated in 2000. Visit Matt Badiali on Facebook

With his master’s degree in hand, Matt Badiali then attended the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina. He intended to get his Ph.D. but he stopped just short of his dissertation. He made a fateful decision which was to instead pursue a career in the financial industry using his knowledge of geology to invest in natural resources. It takes a particular background to really excel as a natural resources investor as you need to understand investing and natural resources as well as having the ability to deeply research the companies in this industry.

Matt Badiali says that he travels all over the planet to get the information he needs to both invest his own money as well as inform his readers what they should be investing in. He will travel to the headquarters of companies he is interested in as well as their sites. He wants to see for himself if what they claim is actually true, such as what the real prospects are for a gold mine or an oil field.

The financial newsletter that he edits each month is called Real Wealth Strategist. He helps his readers navigate investing in natural resources which are widely known for experiencing booms and busts fairly often. He helps his readers navigate this so that they can take advantage of the booms, sometimes even quadrupling their returns, while knowing when to get out of the market to avoid a bust. Read This Article:



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