Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and Their Unceasing Advocacy for Fighting Immigration Rights

What does it take to change the injustices of the world? How can one not be a hypocrite in creating the necessary fixes to the system? Can one be revered still in being heroic when heroes are often fallible? These are questions that continually confront Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, which are the founders of Frontera Fund and the web site Front Page Confidential, and who are advocates of human rights and everything else that fights against the threats to the First Amendment.



You probably heard first the names Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from that controversial case involving Joe Arpaio. He’s the former sheriff who illegally detained Michel and Jim because of the suspected work they did for immigrants. Joe Arpaio suspected the two of creating bad reports against him, and it was said that it was his grudge for what the two did to him that he illegally went inside their home and detained them for questioning.



The illegal detention resulted in a settlement case that generated about 3 million dollars in settlement funds for Michael and Jim. The two journalists now used the money to create the Frontera Fund and fund the creation of the news journal Front Page Confidential.



Right now, the two journalists are responsible for creating news reports for FrontPage Confidential to expose the immigration human rights violations in the country. It is good news for both journalists that the Front Page Confidential, as well as the Frontera Fund, has now helped so many people settle their claims and fight for their advocacies.



With Frontera Fund, the damages done by Joe Arpaio are now finally reversed. Some of the injuries done by the controversies involving Joe Arpaio could be hard to change, but with the help of people like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, at least some of the issues have now found a resolution.




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