Netpicks Advice on Strategies for Trading in Choppy Markets

There is a level of nervousness in Wall Street that has not been witnessed for some time. Instead of the normal choleric arrogance of investors, there is a blanket of caution that resembles the phlegmatic. The previous assertion by daring investors that the market was unstoppable seems not to be the mood presently. This is perhaps attributable to the selloff of the technology sector this month.


This mood in turn leads to a choppy market. The choppy market situation demonstrates price fluctuation with no meaningful overall price movement either upwards or downwards. How to trade in this environment is quite delicate which is why a little education suffices.

One of the strategies is the ‘Lock and Walk’ strategy. This strategy looks at support levels and the resistance levels as well when dealing with the Nasdaq. The strategy advices on when to trade the ‘ProShares UltrShort QQQ’ and the ‘ProShares Ultra QQQ’.

The Rules

Where the support is tested using QLD one should look at ‘resistance to sell’. If the support breaks then QLD should be sold. On the other hand if the ‘resistance is QID tested one should target the sell support. Supposing resistance breaks, then QID should be sold. The rules are not as difficult as first glance suggests. In a nutshell you should ‘buy near support and ‘sell near resistance’. However, should ‘support break, you should stop activity.

Note that the ‘Lock and Walk’ rule is characterized by 67 ‘points in gain’. It shuts down when the operations are over to await the next session of trading.

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This is a company that was established in 1966, when online trading was just emerging. Indeed day trading back then was also a new sensation. It educates clients on how to trade Forex and stocks. The company helps traders make profits while trading in the market.

The trading systems target people who are in full-time trading, part-time trading and those who have even lesser time to do their trading. Additional details on this link

Netpicks is based in Texas where Mark Soberman, together with skilled professionals, helps others learn how to trade. Netpicks has conducted this educational classes for a decade and a half, making it well placed to help traders hone their skills. For timeline activity updates, click this.

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