NetPicks Advises Users on The Best ETFs

NetPicks is a forex trading company that was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman. The company’s primary goal is to provide regular traders with high quality trading education. The company, which is based in Irving Texas, has deeply experienced and qualified staff who have a passion for providing their clients with the best trading experience. NetPicks offers clients trading education on topics ranging from ETFs, forex, options, futures and stocks. Additionally, the company has a YouTube channel that has various educational videos. Watch and learn from this helpful video clips.

NetPicks educates budding traders on how to trade smarter not longer. Therefore, they have three objectives that clients can choose from: done in minutes, part-time income and fulltime career. The whole process is simplified and a client just chooses their objective and the system does the work for them.  Visit their website, check   The company also has different themes of development and all clients are educated on sustainable development.  For more details visit their page.

NetPicks advises most of its clients to invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are similar to mutual funds but are traded differently because they are passively managed. ETFs are common in most economies around the world and they are considered socially responsible. NetPicks uses four techniques to choose the appropriate ETF. First there is positive screening whereby one selects projects and organizations based on a set of unique criteria. Next one uses negative screening. Negative screening involves exempting certain investments due to factors such as the social impact of the investment. Third one does financial analysis of the investment using ESG integration. The ESG factor plays a significant role in determining the financial return of one’s investment. Finally one uses themed investing to choose projects that suit a particular theme such as sustainable development or alternative energy.  Useful info available on

NetPicks rates ETFs that focus on gender and environmental issues as the most socially responsible that one can invest in. NetPicks recommends four top environmentally conscious ETFS. They are Etho Climate ETF, SSGA Gender Diversity ETF, KLD 400 Social ETF and ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF. The Etho Climate ETF invests in companies with lowest carbon footprint while the Gender Diversity ETF invests in companies with the highest gender diversity ration among senior management positions.

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