NewsWatch TV’s Gives a Positive Review to Contour Design’s Ultimate Work Station

Newswatch TV recently review Contour Design’s the Ultimate Workstation, a new advance keyboard that will change the way we use a computer. The Ultimate Work Station is designed with increasing productivity and creating a more efficient work environment in mind. This high-tech keyboard and mouse combo features Contour Design’s signature Rollermouse Red Mouse, which uses a roller bar instead of a traditional mouse pad. This roller bar reduces stress on the hands since less movement is required for scrolling and controlling the cursor. The mouse buttons themselves are digital, which puts less strain on your fingers during long term use. Further reducing stress is a soft pad on the Rollermouse Red that lets a user rest their wrists while the type. On the typing side of things, The Ultimate Work Station also feature’s Contour’s signature Balance keyboard. The keyboard has adjustable angles and uses shortcut media keys to speed up tasks. Contour’s Ultimate Work Station is 100% wireless and is powered by two AA batteries which last up to 12 months.

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