Nitin Khanna a Shrewd Businessman

Nitin Khanna is the current CEO and founder of Merger Tech and former CEO and co-founder of Saber Corp. Nitin Khanna is an alma mater of Purdue University. Nitin as a professional engineer uses his knowledge and skills to help businesses grow and merge with others. Khanna has decades of experiences in mergers and acquisition and has successfully led to the M&A of more than eight companies.

Nitin Khanna in an interview said the idea of establishing Merger Tech came from the experiences and lessons that he learned at Saber Corp. Khanna at Saber Corp participated in the merger and acquisition of more than eight companies excluding Saber Corp acquisition by EDS. Khanna inspiration to start Merger Tech came from the lifetime deal he got from the purchase of Saber Corp by EDS. EDS acquired Saber Corp at a price that was four times its revenue. Here is the interview Nitin gave recently

Nitin Khanna typical day begins by him meeting with his staff where he is updated of all essential aspects in the organization. After that Khanna then sets out to have meetings with clients after which he does all the necessary works required for the firm’s ongoing projects. Meeting new clients and prospects assist Khanna in building a new client base. After work Khanna goes back home where he spends quality time with his wife and children.

Nitin Khanna thinks as much as it is crucial to bring ideas into life it is first important to nurture ideas and ensure that they are long term and stable. Merger Tech plays a critical role in mentoring and recruiting capable executive teams that can collaborate on the execution of ideas. Merger Tech most of the time are required to provide advisory opinions to clients and before they do that they have to listen to and nurture some of the ideas that are fronted by clients.

One trend that excites Nitin Khanna is the power of the social media platform. According to Khanna, the social media platform today has the ability to make or break not only an individual but an entire business. One habit that makes Khanna productive as an entrepreneur is his investigative nature and his understanding of how he can utilize his professional strengths. Khanna is quite flexible and open to new ideas.

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