OSI Industries: A Grand Leader in the International Food Industry

OSI Industries is a grand leader in the international food chain market. Owner and CEO Sheldon Lavin, opened its’ building doors in 1909 on American soil. Although, he brings all of his culture and uniqueness from his home country; Germany. Aurora, Illinois is where the base office resides.

OSI Industries’ staff and employees pride themselves on putting the customer first. The have affiliates in over 15 countries such as Australia and China all over the globe. Baho Food is one of the newest companies that have gotten on board. A recent purchase was made as CEO, Sheldon Lavin, now owns some shares and ownership in the Baho Food Company located in the Dutch area. Baho Foods also operate in Germany and the Netherlands as well. OSI Industries provide them with delicatessens such as cheese, meats, refreshments, and a variety of fast foods.

OSI Food Solutions Spain also benefits from the dream of CEO Sheldon Lavin. Evolution and development in Food Solutions Spain has increased manufacturing to about 45,000 tons of produce and meat production. More product means more staffing is definitely necessary. Expansion for this great business keeps company revenue increasing for the CEO Sheldon Lavin.

Careers are booming at OSI. International employment is happening across the globe with this leader in the food industry. Due to an increase in production, staffing is needed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. From maintenance worker to Logistics Specialist. The right job is awaiting the desired candidate. Over 12,000 jobs are posted globally with this grand leader. Employees are treated with dignity and have wonderful benefits that cater to a family’s well being.

Foods that we all like are produced by the family industry. Pizza pies, hamburgers, and deli meat are just some of the fine foods that the world has grown to love. Companies that profit from their food services are: McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and many more.

People want to know why the OSI group is one of the ruling 100 companies in the world. There products are shipped and handled to perfection. They use logistics and have a whole team that enjoy working on a magnificent production line that get the job done. Food is stored and shipped carefully around the world and across the United States.

With over 60 locations and more than 20,000 staff members, this leader of the industry is remaining at the top of their game.



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