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There is always someone looking to make a plunge in the investment arena. One thing that they will learn is that there are plenty of different types if investments to make. Therefore, research is very important. Among the things people need to know is that not all stocks are the same. They need to take the time to look at the different types of stocks in order to find out the features that they could benefit from. Researching stocks is actually a really big thing for people. This is why it is important to look for someone who knows the market.

Sam Tabar is someone who knows the investment market very well. He has gained a lot of experience as an investor. Therefore, he can offer a lot of tips to newcomers. Among the tips that he would give is develop a diverse portfolio. This is very helpful in many ways. Also, there are ways to make money from stocks no matter what the price. One good way to make money is to look for stocks that give out dividends. Dividends are regular payments made to the stockholders for holding on to the stocks as opposed to just trading them.

Sam Tabar knows about dividends. As a matter of fact, he is someone that is highly experienced with finances. He has worked in different banks throughout different countries. As of right now, he is a capital strategist in the industry. He is also an attorney which helps him understand the ethical ways of making money. One thing about the financial industry is that it is important to know the regulations so that one could manage to make a lot of money without falling into any traps and having to pay penalties. Sam Tabar used this knowledge in order to ensure his success in the years of his career.

It may seem like bottled water is the most hated product in the beverage industry, but the fact is that it is the most preferred drink by consumers. The now 25 years old, Ryan Emmons saw the viable opportunity as a big hole in the market waiting to be occupied by an entity that understands the needs of the community.

With this idea in his mind, he came up with a viable product that is environmentally friendly in terms of packaging and also comes with some health benefits. It was also expected to involve giving back to the community.

According to Crunchbase, Waiakea Water did not fail in its expectations and objectives, but it has got a lot of people wondering how it has managed to grow by about 4,000 percent just three years after its inception.

The company has 170 percent growth rate on an annual basis, rising from selling about 2,000 cases to over 100,000 cases per year within the three years and half period it has been operational. The consistent increase in sales was brought about by a large number of local distributors as well as the nationwide buyers such whole foods who also came in high numbers. The company is currently worth $10 million.

Waiakea water comes from the snowmelt and the rains on the primeval snowcapped crown of the active Mauna Loa volcano.

It is surrounded by the ocean meaning it comes from the purest environs on earth. The water is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium and all have some health benefits.

Emmons share the wealth from the sales of his product with those who need it most yet can’t afford. In this course, he partnered with PumpAid so as donate 650Ml clean water to disadvantaged communities in Africa for every bottle of water bought. So far over 500 million liters have been donated to this effect. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

He has also partnered with one of the co-packing facilities in Long Beach, California so as to bottle the water in the most eco-friendly way. The Waiakea water bottles are made from reused bottles (rPET), and they use less energy to manufacture them.

Emmons says that their recent accelerated success was due to the addition of the lifestyle branding element similar to red bull model. It came down to a single slogan: drink sustainably, drink healthy, and drink ethically.

He says that they aimed at creating a brand that draws loyalty to consumers and he believes that it will improve their bond strength. Apparently, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is cheaper than most of its superior water competitors. Thus, apart from being a bottle with added advantage, it is also cheap.


Standing where the Arabian Desert meets the Persian Gulf, Dubai’s skyline is comprised of several marvels of modern architecture. DAMAC Properties, along with founder Hussain Sajwani, is responsible for some of the city’s most dazzling real estate, the wildest promotional stunts, and has collaborated with President Donald Trump on the Trump International Golf Club.

Hussain Sajwani got his humble start in the food service industry. A plaque adorns the wall in Mr. Sajwani’s majlis (an Arabic term for “place of sitting”)that reads “In recognition of outstanding food service performed to the United States army during operation Desert Storm”. Not only did Mr. Sajwani work for the American troops in the first Iraq war but his firm also provided food in Somalia, Bosnia, and the Persian Gulf War. The DAMAC Group is still involved in several food businesses, and Hussain Sajwani sees it as a constant reminder of how important it is to build business relationships around the globe.

Hussain Sajwani took the leap from catering service provider to real estate investor in 2002, when he founded DAMAC. With Dubai seeing the beginning of an enormous real estate boom, DAMAC Properties saw serious growth in its first few months as a leisure, residential, and commercial developer. The firm expanded into North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and Lebanon. The luxury real estate developer is now recognized across the globe, and Hussain Sajwani is currently one of only 1,645 billionaires in the world.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties are building a luxurious 18-hole golf course to be run by the Trump Organization. The course was designed by the legendary Tiger Woods and will be located in the highly sought after AKOYA Oxygen community. Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump hope to raise the bar for golf in the middle east with the completion of the Trump World Golf Club Dubai. Even though President Trump is required to distance himself from all of his business endeavors, Sajwani still hopes to facilitate more business deals with Trump’s children and spent New Year’s eve with the Trumps in Mar-A-Lago.

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In Austin territory, most travel talks tend to concentrate on the City matters. However, the Williamson Development Summit in the region was an opportunity to portray transportation challenges and gaps affecting the people living within the rural areas. During the summit, the board entailed various members and stallholders such as Joseph Kopser the organizer of RideScout LLC, Uber innovations, and Mike Heiligenstein the official executive of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Texas External Affairs transportation-centered product creator ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin & chief Leandre Johns also proposed a flying gondola framework all together.

At the event held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Inn & Meeting Center, their discussion concentrated on how development is changing transportation in the Austin region and over the globe. Heiligenstein, while observing the new advancements, added that ridesharing applications & driverless vehicles could significantly change transportation network challenges; although he added that the region still needs to place assets into building up its transportation limit, particularly by building numerous and more astute streets. He said that is the most ideal approach to serve the adaptability solicitations of a rapidly growing population where most of the improvement is in the suburbs, as on account of Williamson Area.

Mike Heiligenstein acts the position at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as the Official Chief in Austin, Texas. The self-sufficient government office was made in 2002 to plot a present day and territorial transportation Central Texas framework. The present & the future tasks of the Portability Specialist are significant segments in a purposely organized, multi-measured transportation structure expected to meet the distinctive flexibility needs of the rapidly developing territory. Since its inception, Mike has been with the Portability Specialist and has ensured the progression of their first wander, 183A within Williamson Province. 183A is among the essential exercises in the region to shift to all-electronic and cashless toll collection. As of late, the Mobility Authority started the 290 Toll Manor Expressway and is establishing Express Paths on MoPac – Circle 1. The Authority is in like manner collaborating with nearby transportation offices to do research on six other expected freeways trans-versing over Focal Texas.

More so, Mike Heiligenstein presently serves as the President at International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association. In like manner, he serves on the guiding Leading body of the Texas A&M Transportation Foundation and furthermore a couple of various trustee boards and working groups overseeing transportation issues. Before given the work to spearhead the Mobility Authority, Heiligenstein worked at the nationals of Williamson Region whereby for nearly 23 years he has been a public official.

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Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC is one of the premier financial services providers in the U.S. today, based in Chicago. The company was founded in the year 2005, and in a very short period has been able to associate itself with the industry leaders across different sectors. Madison Street Capital Reputation as a comprehensive financial services provider has helped the company get clients with various financial services requirements. The company provides services like corporate advisory, business valuation, financial reporting, corporate tax planning, merger and acquisitions, private equity, investment banks, venture capital services, and more.



Recently, Madison Street Capital in the capacity of financial advisor arranged subordinated debt investment as well as minority equity for one of the global players in the field of risk management and software solutions, ARES Security Corporation. ARES Security Corporation is known as one of the pioneers in the area of risk management and security software solution providers and has different advanced software services on offer to its clients from across the globe. Corbel Structured Equity Partners were also the part of the above-mentioned transaction and helped in providing the minority capitalization. Charles Botchway, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, announced the major deal recently. The entire transaction was managed and supervised by Reginald McGaugh, who serves as Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital.



Reginald McGaugh in an interview recently told the press that it was an honor for the Madison Street Capital to be the part of the transaction that took place for its reputed client ARES Security Corporation. He went on to add that it was the privilege of the company to work for one of the best end-to-end security services providers in the world, which helps protect many critical assets locally and internationally. Ben Eazzeta, who serves as the President at ARES Security Corporation, also had only good things to tell about Madison Street Capital and praised the high quality of services and standard par excellence it maintained in handling the major deal, starting from due diligence to valuation analysis and from raising capital to ensuring legal compliance. The transaction is a crucial one for the ARES Security Corporation to achieve its financial objectives and expand globally, which it plans to do shortly.



Madison Street Capital’s range of services also includes audit and accounting, financial advisory, restructuring services and managing IPO. The company is also involved in philanthropy and helps different communities across the world through its association with United Way. United Way helps in disaster relief and providing assistance to the disadvantaged people get access to food, education and basic health care. The company, even though headquartered in Chicago, has offices across the globe, including in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.


Copa Star is part of the D’Or Institute which operates a network of hospitals. According to the president of the group, their objective was to build the most modern hospital in Brazil. The R$400 million health facility on has overshadowed the top Brazilian hospitals like Hospital Sírio-Libanês and Albert Einstein Hospital.

State of the Art Services

Copa Star aspires to become the world’s leader in neurology and cardiology. The facility’s deployment of sophisticated medical equipment has attracted worldwide attention. Copa Star have invested in robotic medication, superior operation rooms, smart intensive care units (ICUs), and visual scanning technologies for guiding surgical procedures.

Copa Star has 155 patient suites, 59 ICU rooms, and nine operating rooms. The hospital’s ICUs have highly experienced professionals who provide round the clock monitoring of patients.

ICU patients under normal circumstances are isolated, and it often leads to a condition known as the confinement syndrome. The hospital utilizes video technology and big screens to provide the patients with real-time images on of the outside world. This move prevents the condition.

The operating rooms have magnetic resonance imaging equipment and computerized systems enabling the physicians to observe the medical scans of the patients during surgery. There are hybrid rooms for minor surgery which allow the access of the same equipment. Surgery rooms have a sophisticated communication system which surgeons use to send images to other specialists across the globe for opinions to optimize the outcomes.

Copa Star has more than 550 personnel, from doctors to nurses and support staff. The nurses received specialized training for two months on how to deal with various situations. The training involved typical day to day issues with patients and simulation of crisis situations which featured professional actors.

The lobby at the luxurious health facility has plush sofas, a grand piano, Japanese artwork by Yukata Toyota, and a restaurant with a menu designed by Roland Villard, Sofitel’s chief chef.

The hospital does not discriminate against patients who cannot settle their bills in cash. It accepts all legal forms of payment including insurance plans.

Modernized Engineering

Copa Star is revolutionizing hospitalization through the construction of hospital buildings based on cutting edge technologies as well innovative design. The project’s architect focused the design of the hospital on enhancing the comfort and luxury to the patients who come to the hospital. The hospital looks like a 5-star hotel, which integrates superior treatment with a comfortable environment for patients’ quick recovery.

The engineers who constructed the hospital implemented energy efficient measures which reduce energy consumption by half. They used crystalline technology to augment the insulation effect of concrete and to make it last longer. At Copa Star, the designers mixed concrete with Penetron, a chemical which reacts with concrete to form insoluble crystals. This technology reduces the porosity of concrete while allowing the building to breathe. To add warmth to the premises, most of the hospital areas have access to natural light.

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Brazilian manufacturing company Eucatex. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado college in Sao Paulo. In addition, Mr. Maluf has taken courses in accounting, management, rural management and foreign exchange principles. Mr. Maluf has also studied at the graduate level at New York University. At NYU he was immersed in the study of foreign trade principles as his company was increasingly competing in a global marketplace.

Eucatex, the firm that Flavio Maluf currently leads, manufactures a diverse array of wood related products for the construction industry. Their staple product is wooden boards and panels for the construction industry. Recently the company has added to its line of products that it manufactures by manufacturing paints, varnishes and thinners in a new chemical plant. Eucatex is headquartered in Sao Paulo Brazil and has its main sawmill plant in Salto, Sao Paulo State. Salto is the town where Eucatex was founded and home to its first sawmill.

Flavio Maluf says that the Brazilian construction industry which accounts for about 13% of Brazil’s total GDP is seeing record low levels of profitability. In 2013 he says, the construction sector had a profitability margin of about 13%. A year later, that number was 2%, a number that has never been seen before. Being such a big part of the Brazilian economy, the low profitability of the construction industry should be of great concern to all major players in the Brazilian economy. Eucatex’s major customers include the construction industry and directly affect the profitability of Eucatex.

There are some promising news for the future though. Forecasts for 2016 and 2017 show that the construction industry should be seeing a slow rebound in profitability and an increase in activity. Suppliers of building materials such as Eucatex should raise their sales indices and have already done so in anticipation of a better economy in the future.

Reports from publications such as the Entrepreneur also have a similar outlook says Flavio Maluf. The publication says that industries such as agriculture should begin to rebound from the economic recession along with construction due to government incentives.

Who is Kevin Seawright?

Seawright is an expert in the field of financial and administrative operations. He currently works at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Seawright has created for himself a career around his strong point: economic strategy.

He has a strong reputation for leading reorg strategies for companies throughout the New Jersey area, with his unique outlook on life and success.

Kevin Seawright’s interesting work life has spread across both the private and public sectors, where he began his career in government in Baltimore. At more than a decade later, Seawright is having quite an exponential impact in New Jersey after being recognized for that impact. He has earned several key awards, and taken his construction and financial management expertise to the next level.

Seawright made a move to the private industry, and that’s when he became a part of New Jersey’s positive economic change. With the support of Mayor Ras Baraka, Seawright helped steer Newark to be a technologically saavy capital for such things as small business development, access to WiFi, communities of more diversity, higher access highways and railroad lines and summer employment programs for young people.

Devoting his life to aiding the growth in urban cities, Seawright has changed the lives of city residents, helping them transform attitudes and thought processes to get through difficult situations. According to Seawright, principal contributing factors to success are adaptation and positive attitude.

Seawright has said that dedication on top of diligence has inspired him to reach new levels. He has been integral in changing the lives of children and adults in other metropolitan cities including Baltimore, Newark and Philadelphia.

So who has served as his greatest role model? His parents. Seawright considers success as having a strong relationship with family, as he does with his.

Seawright continues to involve himself in organizations that empower and strengthen communities. He recently completed a course in executive leadership at the University of Notre Dame.

The program was for leaders who are heads of transformational organizations, and keeping up with today’s competitive landscape.This class was also a study of board consensus and improving/bettering grants and fundraising.

The use of video for communication purposes has increased significantly over the past decade. While there are various reasons for the increase, one of the main reasons is because the technology associated with using video has improved greatly over the past few years. The speed along with other video aspects have improved to the point that video related communication either online or by phone is very good.


The improvement of the technology that is primarily used regarding video type communication has open the possibilities for many uses by businesses and other organizations. The idea of video has been used for years concerning video conferencing and various other video related communications. One of the problems with video communication is that unless the hardware is top of the line, the speed of the communication is not fast enough to make the video communication the level desired by many people.


As the hardware and network related technology has allowed video communication to become more acceptable to users with average network capabilities, many companies have pushed the use of video communication. One of these companies is Securus Technologies. The company is in the process of preparing for assisting inmates at correction facilities to be able to talk to their families during the Christmas holiday season.


Securus Technologies will be using what it calls video visitation technology to allow inmates to see and talk to their families in real time. The video technology provides crisp audio and quality resolution video. The result is a communication that is almost life like.


The technology allows inmates to view and verbally communicate with family using a communication link that is created at the time of the communication session. Although the inmates will not be home for Christmas, the video visitation technology will give inmates the chance to visit with their families during this special holiday season. The technology provides a clear audio sound and a clear video picture.


I feel that the ability for inmates to actually view and communicate with their families during Christmas is great. Many inmates have a difficult time during the Christmas holiday because they cannot spend time with family. The use of the video visitation technology will offer inmates the chance to come home in some form during the Christmas season.


Securus Technologies provides technology related products and services to the corrections market and other similar organizations.

Sam Tabar; a capital strategistand a prominent lawyer based in New York City. He graduated with honors from Oxford University. He then joined Columbia Law School where he worked as an Associate Editor of Columbia Business Law Review. Sam, later on, began pursuing his career shortly after his graduation from Columbia School in one of the most prestigious leading law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. During his stay at Skadden, he advised and counseled clients on hedge funds formation and structure, employment issues, side letters, memoranda and regulatory and compliance issues. He served the company until 2004 when he left the legal career and changed fields to the world of finance management.

In 2004 sept, Sam Tabar joined Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors based in Hong Kong. Later on due to his passion and hard work he was promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. Sam designed and implemented a strategic plan that targeted ultra-high net worth investors, large offices, and institutions across the globe. Also, Sam managed a $2 billion hedge fund for all facets of global marketing and investor relations. He took the business to a whole new level by designing a personal rolodex of around 2000 potential investors and created over400 new investor introductions. Sam continued to thrive in many aspects as he worked closely with the CEO of the company.

Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2011as the Director and head of capital strategy for the Asia-pacific region. In his role, he targeted introductions to institutional investors’ foundations, fund of funds, pensions, and endowments. He also managed the capital allocations cycle between investors and fund managers. Sam Tabar left the company in and served at Adanac LLC, BVI at Adanac as its Director.

In 2013 Sam Tabar moved back to his legal career and joined Schulte Roth &Zabel LLP, and served as a senior associate. In 2015 Dec, Sam was appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer at Fullcycle Energy Fund. Sam will be responsible for the fund management strategy. He said that he is honored to serve as COO and he expects to partner with talented senior leadership so as to meet the goals and the objectives of the company.

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