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Jason Hope has been standing at the forefront of the latest tech innovations, much like the rest of his career. Hope is a renowned futurist and one of the leaders in the race for the Internet of Things to become a prominent part of our day to day lives. The Internet of Things is one of the most exciting new tech innovations sweeping across the tech world and people are going to start paying more attention thanks to Hope’s tireless work. Let’s dig into the Internet of Things in order to see just how it can impact our lives.

We need to look at the Internet of Things as the next great industry that it actually is. The Internet of Things is the collection of items that we react with in our day to day lives that happens to be networked with the internet. We can look at how smart phones and modern technology have made us particularly beholden to the internet but that just seems to be the start of all of this. Right now Hope admits that the Internet of Things is on the fringe of social awareness, due in large part to how it is viewed as merely an entertainment mechanism, but Jason Hope believes that it will soon become the standard by which most tech companies operate.

The Internet of Things is a chance for people to improve upon their day to day lives in ways that they likely hadn’t considered. Jason Hope points to the airline industry as a prime example of how the IoT is going to improve the world in a bunch of demonstrable ways. The Internet of Things can be thanked for Virgin Atlantic’s ultra safe Boeing 787 jets. These jets are wired to the internet from head to toe in order to allow analysts to keep track of the safety, health, and functionality of the machine.Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things can improve efficiency and safety in a number of different ways in the future. He points to how the IoT can improve upon emergency response times, public transit and more as just the beginning of what the IoT has to offer.

It’s safe to say. George Soros is a one-man fighting machine. George is the man who spent millions of dollars to keep the Democrats in the White House. He also spent millions more to get Democratic senators and congressmen elected. And he even donated money to the campaigns of Democrats running for state positions. He wasn’t happy with the results of the 2016 election, but he is not giving up. Soros is still pumping money into various organizations that want to stop Trump from tearing the nation apart. Learn more about his profile at

Donating money is something that comes naturally to George Soros. He has given billions of dollars to more than 50 organizations around the world that promote the principles of an open society through his Open Society Foundation. George is a freedom fighter as well as one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world. Soros is worth more than $32 billion, and he keeps adding millions of dollars to that amount though his current investments.

Not everyone agrees with Soros when it comes to politics, but Soros is usually one of the people economic advisors listen to when international situations threaten the global economy. George was not a Brexit supporter, and he doesn’t like the way the European Union is handling the migration issue. Soros is one of the men who believes China will turn the world’s economic situation into a recessionary mess. In fact, Soros is betting China will be forced to devalue their currency in order to keep Chinese banks solvent over the next 18 months.

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Soros is not stopping his one-man show of freedom and Democracy because Trump was elected. George Soros is responsible for arranging a meeting with the top Democratic donors and the top democratic figures currently in office, so a new plan can be put in place to win the 2018 and 2020 elections. It’s safe to say that Soros is using all his political influence to derail Trump, and it’s working.

Understanding what makes George Soros tick isn’t easy. He did have a Nazi experience when he was a teenager. Soros escaped Hungary, his birth country, and fled to England. He attended the London School of Economics and earned two degrees in philosophy. Soros also discovered the open society concept while he was in school. One of his professors was a Karl Popper fan. Popper is the man who first wrote about the open society concept. George took a job on Wall Street in the 1950s, and he began an investment career that is a legend in the financial world. George earned the title, “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England” in the 1990s, when he bet the pound sterling would depreciate against the euro and the U.S. dollar. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Highland Capital Management, L.P was established by James Dondero and Mark Okada in the year 1993. The Sec-registered investment advisor has assets that are approximated to be $15.4 billion under its management together with its affiliates.


As largest and most experienced global alternative credit manager, Highland Capital Management is a dealer in credit strategies including hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distressed and special situation private equity, and also collateralized loan obligation. Besides, they provide alternative investments such as emerging markets and long or short equities.


With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offices in the New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paolo, Highlands have established a diversified and a stable base such as pension plans for the public, corporations, foundations, endowments, funds of funds, financial institutions, governments, and individuals of high-net-worth standards.


Highland Capital Management values the community in a very particular way. For instance, its investments are not only based on financial markets but also in the communities in which their employees reside and work. They have a great commitment to make a difference through volunteering services and to offer donations to various organizations in the local community.


As the president, James Dondero works in close collaboration with Gregory, the chief investment officer who oversees the small-cap stock fund. The fund is in assets that are approximate at $55 million.


In early 2016, Highlands competency in credit enabled it to make profitable investments partnerships. The productive investments contributed close to half of the fund’s total return in the previous year. Also, none of the selected organizations reduced dividends when the fund purchased shares.


Highland’s major booster was the master limited partnership (MLP) which provided them with high-single-digit yields. The flow of cash predicted from the volume as opposed to the price of crude. As a result, MLPs with reliable “sponsors” which are the key pipeline customers for oil producers became the center of focus by Gregory and Dondero.


Gregory said that the company had done an excellent job in harvesting its gains and getting lots of profits in return. Also, they are in a comfortable position at the moment.

George Soros is a liberal billionaire and investor. For over three decades of professional experiment, George Soros has worked to amass a great amount of wealth from the hedge fund management industry. George Soros also involved his business risks in the risky financial trades. Because he has the capability to find the gap between investing in the risky businesses, he has always come out successful with his bets against the risky businesses. For those who know more about him, they never cease to amaze the investment world. Business is not always what it looks like. For this reason, it calls for better business deals to develop animated solutions in the industry.

George Soros career has been brought manifest through a wide range of problems in the background. When George Soros entered the United States in 1957, he worked hard to develop the most sophisticated business in a manner that is not intrinsic to the world of finance. George Soros found a job at a local New York Investment banking firm where he offered his services without fear or favor. When he realized he was making more money for the company, he decided to develop a new company. However, he had limited funds to achieve his life’s dreams. Visit to know more about George.

George Soros moved to the next level of management in another hedge fund management company based in New York. During that time, his salary increased due to his benefits in the industry. George Soros worked hard through innovation and strategy to develop working solutions in the hedge fund management. For this reason, he gathered enough money to develop the Soros Hedge Fund Management Company based in the United States. This was the time when success was about to land. He also worked hard to become part of the solution to the problems facing the industry in wealth and management solutions.

George Soros started working in the risky investment trades. Because he has the capability to locate the dying currency, he always bets more money to gain more in the Forex trades. His capability has always been unmatched in the industry. For this reason, no one understands his animated business solution in this industry. George Soros has always amazed anyone who comes across his business strategies. Because he always uses the most innovative minds to develop a working solution, his achievements in the industry have grown to accelerate in a fast environment.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, the Jewish families I the country were being exterminated by the Nazi Occupation. For this reason, he fled with his family to London. He worked in the city at a local railway restaurant as a waiter to cater for the bills and education before coming to the United States. George Soros established the Open Society Foundation.

In a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial, it was established that many retirees fail to effectively enjoy the benefits of Social Security due to lack of information. Nationwide Financial president David Giertz also noted that in some cases the information provided by financial advisors was inadequate. This is despite the fact that many of those surveyed noted that they change their financial advisors if they fail to properly advise them on Social Security. One of the commonest reasons cited at for this inability of the financial advisors to provide this all-important financial advice is the enormous number of rules they have to follow during their practice. Financial advisors rule book is comprised of over 2,700 rules, which they have to shift through. Despite the seemingly enormous number of rules to follow, David Giertz believes that advising retirees on Social Security is a fundamental professional undertaking by financial advisors. Failure can lead to loss of income due to loss of clients. It can also dent their reputation in a highly competitive profession.

Professional Certifications

David Giertz is a 30-year industry veteran with a stellar track record of organizational management. One of the success factors that have shaped David Giertz’s long and successful career in the industry is striving to meet the industry certification standards on In addition to his Bachelor’s degree in business management and administration he received from Millikin University, David Giertz has also sat and passed up to four industry-related exams. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Miami – School of Business. Over fifteen states have certified him as licensed financial advisor. Giertz is also a certified investment broker. To further improve his success in the industry, David Giertz has acquired special skills in retirement planning, mutual funds and financial services. He has also specialized in business administration and management.

Mike Baur is well known for his entrepreneurship ventures. In fact, he is a great Swiss business person with remarkable success. He started in the industry at a young age with a chance at the banking industry. He spent two decades in Swiss banking industry, which was a significant part of his career as from his formative years he had to master a few critical entrepreneurial skills that have been the cornerstone of his success. He started out as an employee of UBS where he was the commerce apprentice working under some of the brilliant minds in the industry.


This kind of mentorship helped him grow. Coupled with hard work and determination he was able to rise to the position of executive member of one of the most prestigious private banks in Switzerland. He moved out of the banking sector after 20 years to start out his private entrepreneurship adventure which laden him starting the Swiss startup Company. He followed his entrepreneurship passion in 2014 when he was 39years old.


Together with two other partners, Mike was able to form a company that is focused on helping other upcoming entrepreneurs start ventures successfully. His company is focused on giving mentorship t such entrepreneurs. Mike is known to be one of the founding members of the Swiss Startup association. He has an MBA from Rochester University and Executive MBA from Berne University. This academic qualification coupled with the years he spent in a challenging work environment, which is the Swiss private banking industry, Mike, is equipped with the necessary skills to offer professional advice and guidance to struggling or upcoming entrepreneurs. This was an idea that became known after realizing that most entrepreneurs fail to tap into their full potential and realize success because they are distracted by the lack of understanding some crucial aspects of the business that is core to their success.


The Swiss startup company has been in operating since 2014. It has its headquarter based in Zurich and its primary focus is on developing modern or digital kind of entrepreneurs. The company has been one to offer unique and exceptional platforms to aspiring entrepreneurs through its vast connections and networks that most starting entrepreneurs lack. The company has a three month accelerator program for its clients which is an eye opener in term of financing, training and services not forgetting lifelong links that every entrepreneur needs to excel.


Jeremy Goldstein as one of the nation’s premier merger, acquisition and executive compensation attorneys. He made a name for himself with a career spanning over 15 years, working for the nation’s preeminent mergers and acquisitions law firm, Wachtel Lipton. Over this time, Goldstein learned the ins and outs of the corporate executive compensation legal realm as no one else has in the United States today.


After a long and prosperous career with Wachtel Lipton, Goldstein finally made the decision to walk away. He found the corporate environment to be increasingly stifling to his own creative talents and unnecessarily impeding to his desire to work directly with business leaders and other executives in crafting plant to minimize the damage from hostile parties involved in the world of finance.


Goldstein maintains that one of the most severe threats faced by business owners and executives today is that posed by shareholder activists. Goldstein points out that shareholder activists have a long history of the last 30 years of ruining great companies and forcing out the executives who had built them. It is for this reason that Goldstein sternly words business owners, CEOs and other executive members to craft plans that will mitigate any attempts by shareholder activist to take over their respective companies.


Goldstein recommends a three-part plan for the minimization of the shareholder activist threat. The first part involves recognizing and understanding the extent to which management differs in opinion on executive compensation from the board. The second involves a robust management outreach program to shareholders that lasts year round. Finally, Goldstein recommends that all executives be willing to change their own compensation packages if left with no choice and facing a severe threat of a hostile action.


Goldstein contends that following this simple plan will do more than anything else to avoid a company’s ruin at the hands of malicious shareholder activists.

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Anthony Petrello is far more than the President and CEO of Nabors, the company that has the largest land drilling fleet. He is a husband and extremely dedicated father. His dedication to his child and the bettering of other children is what really reflects on the type of person Anthony Petrello is.

As a father, Anthony Petrello is dedicated to making sure his child has the best life possible. Carina, Anthony Petrello’s daughter, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. This caused other problems and because of it, Carina is not as developed as other children her age. Her motor skills, among other things, have not developed well. Mr. Petrello works hard with his daughter every day to ensure that she is developing and making progress.

Besides his dedication to his own child, Anthony Petrello is also dedicated to making the lives of other children suffering from the same thing better as well. He has donated millions of dollars and led fundraisers that’s proceeds will go to finding answers for the issues affecting their daughter and more learn about Pretrello.

Mr. Petrello is a dedicated businessman, husband, and father. He has spent his life working hard and donating his money to serve a greater purpose. Throughout his career he has learned many skills and had experience that made him an ideal candidate to take his current position at Nabors. From there he has achieved many career milestones and with his success has led initiatives to find answers for children who are suffering. Anthony Petrello is an incredibly caring and giving man.

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Born in 1988, in San Francisco, Julia is one of the members of the Jackson, Wine Producer. Julia recalls that her father asked the children to pick up the grapes in the 100-degree environment and told them that why this is important. She praises her father by saying that he made sure that we children always appreciate what it takes to be successful. Julia always had an interest in wine making. Julia belonged to a middle standard family and was surrounded by wine and wine making all through her life. Julia just didn’t want the wine to be in her presence, but she was more interested in the business to produce wine and become the top wine producer in the country.

Julia Jackson stated working temporarily in the wineries which belonged to her family during her holidays and made friends with one of the winemaker’s daughters who was able to speak French. Julia started to like French language and started learning from here. Julia recalls that French has been a passion for me to learn and when she learned French, she started teaching French in a primary school of six graders. Julia now works with her family in the international sales team of her company because she wants the world to see the different types of wines.

Julia’s family supports more than 40 community organizations such as Red Cross, Boys, and Girls Clubs and even the United Way. The family company collaborates with the local government, scientists and business leaders on a regular basis. There are over 100 employees working in her family business to produce one of the best wines in the world, and most of the profit gained from this business goes to charities with a good cause. Julia has been donating money to the charities for more than seven years now and has contributed more than $6 million to charities. The Sonoma County Justice Center for victims of domestic violence owes a big one to Julia and her family because of the $500,000 donation to them to keep the center open for the victims of domestic violence.

An ideal way to ensure that your dog has all the nutrients it requires is to feed it quality food. Beneful dog food has high nutritional content and comes in the dry and wet variety. It fits the needs of all dogs.

Beneful’s dry dog food contains everything that your dog may need on a normal day. It’s packed in big bags containing different servings. It’s up to you to find the right type of dry dog food for your dog. Conversely, Beneful wet dog food contains natural and healthy ingredients. When you serve it to your dog, you can notice pieces of real vegetables and meat in the bowl. Beneful uses various cuts of meats in its dishes, including chicken and turkey.

Beneful dog food is available at Target. They stock Beneful wet food as well as Beneful dry food. The price for this dog food depends on the type you want. Here’s a list of some Beneful dog foods you can find at Target:

• Beneful Healthy Weight Beneful Originals
• Beneful IncrediBites (Chicken)
• Beneful Healthy Puppy
• Beneful Prepared Meals
• Beneful Grain Free Dry Food

Those are just a few of the different types of Beneful dog food at Target. Target has over 40 varieties of this brand of dog food.

The most popular Beneful dry food flavor at Target is a mixture of beef, peas, and carrot. This is the flavor in Beneful Originals (With Real Beef), which is the one of the best-selling Beneful dog food at Target.

Dogs love treats. Target carries different varieties of Beneful dog treats. These include Beneful Break-N-Bites, Beneful Baked Snackers, Beneful Healthy Smile and Beneful Baked Delights.

Coupons are a great way to save some cash when purchasing dog food. You can find Beneful coupons for at Target’s website in the coupon section. Enter the word “Beneful” in the search box to find the coupons quickly.

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