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Currently, the United States is undergoing a period of social consciousness like never before in its history. All over the nation, people are making sure that they purchase products from manufacturers who are not exploitative. Gone are the days when consumers did not have any enquiries regarding the whereabouts of the products being offered to them. Instead, there has been an increase in the scrutiny of the products in the market by consumers on the finer details regarding some background information. This is very important, as it has forced many companies to adhere to humanitarian standards when it comes to the production process, how they handle their employees and the pricing of their commodities.

Netpicks offers consumers necessary tricks on how to be a socially responsible consumer and investor. Since its inception into the market, Netpicks has specialized in trying to assist consumers to be wise in how they spend their money. They appreciate the fact that it takes a lot of sacrifice and effort to create capital to invest. Their objective is to help investors in making sure that they get something out of their investment.  To learn more about trading, check this useful link.

Netpicks provides coaching, training and resources that enable consumers and investors to become capable decision makers. As Netpicks itself is run by traders, it is in a better place of addressing issues that face traders in their day-to-day running of their businesses. They do not offer any theoretical approaches to handling investment challenges; they give solutions that address your current trading challenges. However, they advocate for trading that is socially responsible in nature.  Watch and learn from the tutorial videos on

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Social conscious investing begins with the traders themselves. This means that a trader is supposed to be very cautious on where they direct their money. A broker might end up siphoning all your profits through commissions that you do not know whether they are necessary or not.

Ensure that your portfolio is diversified at all times. You should not be lured by one single sector that is doing so well in the current market set up. Do not fall into that trap, as business cycles can sometimes be very unpredictable.  For their recent timeline activity updates, check

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Ted Bauman states that over the last few years he has learnt a lot about the types of investors who exist in a market. According to Ted, most of the investors are careful and steady people who take out the best advice possible before making a move. This type of investors follows the advice offered at Banyan Hill and spends most of their time learning the investment environment. They have a great understanding of the risks present in any trade. The other type of investors is the gamblers who take calculated risks. A good number of them are clear on the risks associated with their actions. Lastly, there are the desperate investors who are mostly driven by panic and wish to make a huge score perhaps to rescue something for their financial neglect over the years. The latter are often attracted to cryptocurrencies and the recent days have been tough on them.


Rise and Fall of Cryptocurrencies

An e-currency launched in 2014, ether, made headlines recently when it was reported that it holds a market value almost equal to that of bitcoin. Ether is valued at $175 at the moment while the bitcoin is valued at $2,136. However, despite ether having a lower price, it holds around 30% of the whole cryptocurrency market. It was 5% in January then rose to 30% in June before crashing over the last weekend to a low of $140. This recorded a 65% fall on the record it set on June 13 of $395.


Bubble and Trouble

Ether did well due to Ethereum, which is seeking ways of developing other functions for the blockchain technology that will underlie all the other cryptocurrencies. It benefitted from the large uptake of cryptocurrencies in the past three years via initial coin offerings (ICOs). Early investors in these ICOs stand to benefit as they hope that the cryptocurrencies will appreciate in value. However, with the huge number of ICOs being announced monthly, it is hard for all of them to succeed. Ted Bauman advises investors to consider this fact before rushing to gamble their money on a new cryptocurrency ICO.


About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has been at the Banyan Hill Publishing from 2013. He is the editor of Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert and The Bauman Letter, which specialize in privacy, asset protection, low-risk investment tactics and international migration matters. Ted moved to South Africa when he was young and studied at the University of Cape Town where he was awarded with postgraduate degrees in History and Economics. He worked in the nonprofit sector for around 25 years.

Dick DeVos was born and brought up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the son of Richard Marvin DeVos and Helen June. Mr. DeVos attended the Forest Hills public school before joining Northwood University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Afterwards, he went to the Harvard School of Business to undertake Executive Study Programs. He is privileged to receive several honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University.


Dick DeVos’ wife, Betsy DeVos, is the 11th and current Secretary of Education and Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Here, he held various positions in marketing, sales, research and development, and finance departments. In 1984, he was appointed as the company’s vice president, responsible for Amway’s operations in 18 countries. Under his helm, Amway opened new markets and exceeded its domestic sales for the first time in history. Before Dick DeVos joined Amway, its foreign sales accounted for about 5% of overall sales. International sales had grown by 50% of annual sales by the time Dick DeVos left Amway.


Upon the acquisition of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise in 1991, Dick DeVos was appointed by his father, Richard DeVos, to serve as the team’s President and CEO. On October 21, 2005, DeVos became a shareholder after his father decided to split ownership between his children. In 1993, Dick DeVos left Orlando Magic and rejoined Amway as the President. During his tenure, Amway extended its operations in over 50 countries and six continents. In 2000, Dick DeVos initiated the restructuring of Amway into Alticor, a new parent company of Amway. Dick and his brother, Doug DeVos, are credited for their role in taking Amway onto the international scene and setting industry standards as the company continues to scale globally. By the time of retiring as the President of Alticor in 2000, Dick DeVos had grown the company’s annual sales to $4.5 billion. Shortly after stepping down as the president of Alticor, Mr. DeVos went back to The Windquest Group as the President.




Mr. DeVos serves as the Chairman of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a humanitarian organization that has donated millions of dollars to educational, civic, religious, and artistic organizations since 1990. The grantees of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, Calvin College, and Mars Hill Bible Church. DeVos pioneered the establishment of the first aviation public charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy.


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Greg Aziz is the CEO, Chairman and President of National Steel Car, a world-class manufacturing company that leads the whole of North America in the engineering and manufacture of railroad freight cars. Greg studied Economics at Weston University and gained valuable insights in leadership within the engineering and manufacturing industry. National Steel Car is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. Since its formation over 100 years ago back in 1912, National Steel Car has been the darling of countless lovers of excellence in quality engineering and manufacturing. This company is famous for quality.


With Gregory J Aziz at the helm, National Steel Car has seen the best days. Since late 2014, the company has hired more than 900 more employees and took great strides in improving the technological qualities of all the equipment used in its manufacturing plant. Needless to say, this good step has contributed greatly to the improvement and the assurance of operational security and a significant increase in productivity.


In his role as CEO of this globally recognized manufacturer, James Aziz ensures that National Steel Car is in the best position possible to supply to-of-the-rank tank cars and railroad freight vehicles to its expanding customer base. With this, he also ensures that the company keeps excellent security close to heart. In fact, in 2015, National Steel Car improved its safety regulations in line with the customers’ needs. It has also taken steps to match the production capacity needed to fully satisfy the growing market. Read More Information Here.


Under the leadership of Gregory J. Aziz, this famed manufacturer has maintained its positive image and credibility as North America’s best manufacturer in the railroad industry. The company fosters innovation, diversity, and dynamism, making it very easy for the team members to come up with and implement new ideas that have obviously worked to the company’s advantage. The long, clear record of perfect product delivery has made National Steel Car a trustworthy manufacturer. It’s, in fact, the only railcar company that has earned the ISO 9001:2008 in North America. Over the last decade, the company has consecutively won the TTX SECO award.

The success of national Steel Car stems from its persistent pursuit of quality and business excellence while retaining its core values in supplying the best products. With James Aziz heading the company with a 2000-strong team under him, things can only get better from here.

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Greg James Aziz is the CEO and chairman of the National Steel Car. He also serves as president of the leading railroad freight car company that leads in engineering and manufacturing company. This company is based in Ontario Hamilton.


Greg Aziz attended Ridley College and later went to Western Ontario University where he majored in Economics. He joined his family business in 1971 at a time when the Affiliated foods was experiencing significant growth which led to its becoming one of the leading importers of fresh foods in the world. It focused on importing food from Central America, Europe, and South America. The company was then responsible for distributing all fresh foods across eastern America and Canada.


In the early 1990s, Gregory J Aziz worked on a number of banking investment. Greg Aziz actualized National Steel Car’s purchase from a company called Dofasco with the aim of making the Canadian corporation the top railroad freight car manufacturer in the Northern part of America. This led the company’s manufacturing capacity to increase from 3500 to 12000 cars by 1999. Under the same duration, the employees rose from 600 to 3000. Part of Greg’s achievements involves his philanthropic acts one of them being that he and his wife are the main sponsors or the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is the most prestigious agricultural fair in Canada.


The National Steel Car has been the leading manufacturing and engineering rail freight company since 1912. The company remains the only ISO certified railroad company for the past 18 years. The company has been receiving high-end awards such as the TTX SECO Award. National Steel Car is at the forefront of designing freight cars that will exceed the customers in the industry. Read This Page to learn more


The National Steel Car has made major contributions to the community in the sense that it continues to offer thousands of jobs that go towards helping families in the Southern Ontario. The company is also known to sponsor charitable organizations. They have been behind the success of the United Way, Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army. The company is also holding Christmas parties every year where employees and their families come in participating in food drives as a way of supporting local food banks.


Despite these numerous achievements, the company does not rely on it past achievements to progress. The company under the leadership of Greg Aziz focuses on listening to customers’ needs. This is how they can continue excelling as a company that builds the highest quality of railcars.



Sawyer Howitt serves as a Project Manager for Meriwether Group, a company that provides business services to entrepreneurs. Meriwether Group assists enterprises to accelerate their business by financing them with short and long-term capital regardless of their size. Sawyer’s father founded the company based in Portland, Oregon. It is evident that Sawyer Howitt comes from a family background of successful entrepreneurs. As a result, he followed suit when he began working at Meriwether Group when he was a junior in high school.

About Sawyer Howitt

At Meriwether Group, Sawyer learned vital skills at the company such as the development of complex spreadsheets. Sawyer also learned how to hold an effective presentation backed up by his professional and business acumen. Howitt is a rising star in the country and has shown a wide range of financial and operational knowledge required to run businesses successfully. Despite his age, Sawyer has the financial and operational knowledge needed to run a business. Sawyer is now a senior and is well aware that in addition to building a business, he needs additional education to prepare for his future. Sawyer’s primary goal is to obtain a degree from Columbia University which is well-known for its Entrepreneurial Finance degree program.

Sawyer Howitt is also focused on the retail world and has unique ideas on how consumers should interact in meaningful ways with various brands. Currently, he is working on a project that uses RFID technology to speed up customers’ shopping experience in retail stores. All products have a RFID chip on the packaging to be able to track it which means that there will be no need for cash registers or long lines since customers will be automatically charged for what they carry out.

Apart from being a tec-savvy hentrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt participates in philanthropic activities by donating to many charities. He also runs mentorship programs meant for youth so that they can also acquire the necessary expertise required to be successful in business. Sawyer Howitt is involved in the leadership program of an ethnic-studies group that is international. Sawyer’s hobbies include playing racquetball, fishing, and he is a huge fan of the Portland Trailblazers.

Very few corporate executives in Brazil (and even the world over) fit Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s stature. Unlike most of them who pursued economics, accounting, or sciences, he studied philosophy. Also, unlike other corporate executives who begin their careers in mid-level positions in companies, Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working as a clerk at Bradesco in 1969. He is now the CEO of Bradesco having worked at the firm for over 47 years.

Rising to the helm of the second largest (after Itaú Unibanco) private bank in Brazil was a challenging but a worthy course for Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The executive had to prove to the company that he was worth his salt. He successfully rose through the ranks of the institution as he gathered experience and expertise required of a noble leader. Some of the positions he held before ascending to the presidency of Bradesco include marketing director, executive director and president of a Bradesco’s subsidiary, executive vice president, and president of Bradesco Seguros.

In 2009, the company decided that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was a well-rounded employee who would serve the interests of Bradesco. When he took over, the company had just been dethroned by Itaú Unibanco as the leading private bank in the country. Also, when Luiz Carlos Trabuco assumed office, the financial sector was in difficulties abroad, and the challenges would trickle-down to Brazil. The fact that he was taking over from Márcio Cypriano did little to salvage the situation as the latter had set the company on a growth trajectory that needed a competent leader to sustain the momentum. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not a man to buckle under pressure. In fact, his creativity is heightened when faced with challenges.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco purposed to continue Márcio Cypriano’s legacy (if anything, improve it). His first agenda as the CEO of Bradesco was to enhance the quality of services offered by the bank. To this end, he would embark on developing the institution’s workforce. Luiz Carlos Trabuco established a corporate university, Unibrad, whose purpose is to get in touch with the bank’s staff and improve their performance. Although he was promoted from within the institution, Luiz Carlos Trabuco deemed it fit to open up the system to talent from outside. He believes that leaders sourced from outside the company are better-suited to bring changes and new ideas.

Bradesco seems to be doing well under the stewardship of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The company is closing in on Itaú Unibanco every single year. In fact, two years ago (under the guidance of Luiz Carlos Trabuco), Bradesco purchased the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2 billion. With the acquisition, the bank was set on the path of reclaiming the market leadership title from its rival Itaú Unibanco. For the remaining part of the year, no other transaction came close to the $5.2 billion deal in Brazil; it emerged as the most prominent transaction in the country that year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco won an award for the agreement; Isto É Dinheiro Magazine listed him as the “Entrepreneur of the Year’’ in the finance category.

Bradesco, established in 1943 by Amador Aguiar, is one of the most outstanding banking and financial services firms in Brazil. The company is headquartered in the city of Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil. Bradesco has over 5,314 branches, 108,793 employees, and its services are tailored for the whole world. As at 2016, the company’s revenues stood at $50 billion. Bradesco offers several products such as insurance, retail banking, private banking, asset management, private equity, investment banking, and of course banking. The company continues to scale the heights of the Brazil’s financial industry under the leadership of the able Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Being a famous entrepreneur, Daniel Mark Harrison has established a business empire so vast that many companies look up to him.He owns a company that runs business and takes care of business owned by his family. As an author and media expert he has published books, featured in journals, online portfolios and in business news channels as a guest speaker. He writes articles on crypto currency as well.

Contribution towards monkey capital`s success

As the CEO of the company Daniel Mark Harrison has successfully seen the company through big deals like the purchase of which is aimed at expanding the network of the company by enabling a larger platform for consulting and tech development. The deal also goes back to monkey capital since a part of the payment is made through its own cryptocurrency which is also one of the successful projects that the company has established.


The innovative contributions of Daniel Mark Harrison have seen monkey capital rise rapidly to the top as a leading company in Blockchain development. This is seen in the Bitcoin project which has been named the ‘’the billion dollar baboon’’ as it is their first virtual currency to earn them a platinum sponsorship.


The management with partnership of Daniel Mark Harrison has seen Monkey Capital form a committee of board members that is run by an organized team of brains that form the advisory which gives detailed and genuine guidelines. There are senior banking compliance officers, legal representatives among other leading professionals from the tech and financial sectors that run the ICO project.


The Monkey Capital is based in Singapore and is a company that is thorough in every project it takes up. All possibilities are looked at by engaging an able committee with a record of exemplary performance and employing realistic goals and tactics in handling their business. The best of monkey capital is yet to be seen as the dedication and determination by the workers and management is high and the professionalism portrayed in the company`s structure will go a long way. Mark Harrison is an admirable pace setter.

NewsWatch TV has been airing since 1990 and primarily focused on financial news, but later on expanded its scope to other categories of news, including featured products, promotions, public service announcement, technology news, and more. It is a program that helps the brands to market themselves across the country through the NewsWatch TV, and the team at the channel helps the company with every aspect of logistics, pre-production, video recording, editing, post-production, audio-visuals, special effects, and more. The company primarily streamlines the entire process of ad making and ensures that the clients can get the mileage they need through their program.


The reach of the NewsWatch TV is one of the reasons why it has been so popular among the companies for so many years when it comes to marketing. Being visible among the target audience is one of the primary aims of any company or brand, and it is what NewsWatch TV makes it possible for its clients. The program is aired on all Ion Television affiliates and AMC Network on Monday 7:00 AM. One of the companies that NewsWatch TV helped in reaching out to a wider audience through them is SteelSeries, which is a worldwide headphone company based in the Copenhagen, Denmark.


As per the testimonial given by SteelSeries, the team at NewsWatch TV streamlined the entire process of creating a video advertisement for the company, starting from scripting, on-location production, video production, editing and special effects, and distribution. SteelSeries was doing such a massive promotion for the first time on a national scale, but NewsWatch TV made it possible for the company to achieve its marketing goal in a very professional manner. The best part is that NewsWatch TV didn’t only air the SteelSeries ad campaign on TV, but also on their social media accounts, which helped in reaching out to a broader section of the society in a productive manner. It helped the company gain the recognition and visibility in the market it was looking for.



Technology has often been used to advance various aspects of the society, such as the medical, engineering and infrastructural sectors. However, Securus Technologies have often been deployed towards revamping the security systems and they envisage offering technological protection to the society in a myriad ways.They work in conjunction with correctional facilities such as prisons and rehabilitation centres and public safety organizations in order to achieve this end. They have recently proffered technology solutions for various aspects of security such as monitoring in correction facilities and investigation in order also to realize civil and criminal justice.The Dallas, Texas-based technology company was founded in 1986 and has other bases in places such as Carrolton, Allen and Atlanta. One of the most significant factors that have enabled Securus Technologies to soar great heights with regard to popularity and success in the American Market is the exceptional leadership that it has. The company is headed by one Rick Smith as the CEO and President whose tenure began in 23rd July, 2008.

Rick Smith has not only exuded such exceptional leadership skills due to his innate ability to develop any company but also due to his commendable educational background. Rick Smith graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. He furthered his education in the same institution and obtained his Master’s Degree in Engineering. Moreover, he is an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated with an Associate’s Degree. Finally, he obtained an MBA from the University of Rochester.The immense impact that Securus Technologies has had on the society with regards to refurbishing the security systems was elaborated in a recent publication by PR Newswire which delved into the future of inmate communications and security.

The publication highlighted the salient aspects regarding future incarceration systems that include higher security and more services at lower pricing and lower recidivism rates and immediate communication.The services offered by this technology company are tailored towards making the incarceration experience more conducive for inmates. Such services include additional video calling services, an enhanced system of education systems for the inmates, incorporation of more smart devices, and tablets into the correction facilities and immediate communication opportunities using high-end devices. In another post in Healing Magic, Securus Technologies is described by its CEO, Rick Smith as a strong investment with sound and tenable proposals regarding product development and service delivery.Securus Technologies, under the leadership of Rick Smith, has earned quite an impeccable standing in the technological market due to its unique field of specialty. Security is one salient aspects of the society that every technological stakeholder should envisage advancing and developing.

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