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Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in South America where, very early on, he discovered a marked penchant for banking. He rose to national prominence in the country of Brazil as a banker, a job which he was so good at that, for many years, he was handling substantial portions of the nation’s entire economy. However, he retired from banking rather early and set his sights upon the world of financial investment. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

With his substantial CV and reputation proceeding him, Igor Cornelsen joined up with the well known Bainbridge Investment, Inc. A company focused on providing comprehensive financial investment advice, guidance, tips and strategies. In conjunction with the Bainbridge Investment group, Mr. Cornelsen worked side by side with a wide variety of high profile clients to aid them in a myriad array of investment decisions, including real estate, liquid assets and private equity. One of the wise bankers most well known strategies, one which has become something of a trademark for Mr. Cornelsen, is to buy up damaged stocks in bulk, which, given their low worth, are typically cheap and widely available. The reason this is such a excellent strategy is that once their given markets begin to reach equilibrium, the damaged stocks tend to recover back around much of their initial value.

In addition to these useful strategies, Mr. Cornelsen is also very well known for keeping his ear to the street and his thumb on the pulse of various nation’s economies. He often states that one should always be on the look out for up-and-coming markets and considers one of the premiere places for investment to be his home country of Brazil. Cornelsen notes that much of this market opening in regards to investment opportunities has to do with the wide array of burgeoning companies such as Citibank, Santander, Banco J. Safra and Banrisul.

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Sujit Choudhry is a well known international law expert based in the United States. He has spent a number of years studying and practicing comparative constitutional law. Over the years his research has spanned over a number of different political and legal aspects of constitutional law ( Recently, Sujit wrote and published a book with a chapter titled Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? (  With this chapter, Choudhry makes a number of interesting things that talk about the current politics and how they are run. The chapter also reveals his commentary about numerous political issues such as how the media affect democracy in the world. He believes that the presidency of a given nation has become an autocracy.

During his writing of the book chapter, Sujit stated that the threat to democracy has started back during the Cold War. One of the key parts of the chapter is the Polish government. The chapter focuses on Poland’s Law and Justice Party which is a highly nationalist, populist party that has right wing views. This party recently one its 2015 elections and is now the majority in the nation’s parliament. Since this party has taken office, the government of the nation has done a number of things that alter the foundation of Poland’s constitutional democracy such as eliminating things that hinder its rule as well as making sure that it solidifies its power in future elections.

Sujit Choudhry is one of the leading experts when it comes to constitutional law. Over the course of his career, he has frequently served as an advisor and guide to many nations looking to participate in constitutional reform. During his career, he has helped national governments write up a new constitution as well as make important changes to them.  Check  As well as being involved in constitutional reform and advisement, Sujit has spent a number of years assisting government organizations such as the Canadian Supreme Court. After he worked at the Canadian Supreme Court, Sujit would move on to become a professor at two of the top law schools in North America. He would eventually attain the status of dean and serve a valuable leadership role at these two law schools in both Canada and the United States.

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The forex market is the most complicated but rewarding kind of market that there is. Understanding the dealings in the market and trading involved is challenging but with this knowledge comes great profits especially for retail traders due to the liquidity of the market. The forex market is also known for providing its traders with narrow trading options as opposed to the stock market. The market is also primarily operated under speculations of the rise or drop in the prices of the pairs of currencies (

There are some particular terms that one has to be familiar with in order to do well in the forex market. Such include the price interest point which merely refers to the profit or loss. The other term is used to refer to the amount that an individual is prepared to pay for each duo, that is the bid price. There is also the asking price as well as the spread which is the difference between the two rates.

Understanding such terms and how to apply them is crucial in participation in the trading process in the FX market. To help with all this knowledge is Netpicks Company that has been providing its clients with expertise and education on the forex market and trading for more than two decades now (

Netpicks has over the years dedicated its operations to helping individuals increase sustainable profitability in all kinds of markets by providing education and training programs for clients. A majority of the clients at Netpicks are investors who seek to explore new opportunities in different avenues like forex trading. Through a team of expert trading tutors and education programs that are specifically tailored for certain types of investors, Netpicks has been able to help several of its clients become successful in their trading ventures.  Check

Netpicks has hundreds of thousands of clients from all over the globe that have benefited from its services and training and proudly refer to themselves as Smart Traders. With twenty-two years of success and constant practice, Netpicks has gained more and more demand for its services and thus authors online articles with extensive information on trading to benefit anyone who accesses the materials.

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Paul Mampilly has about 25 years of experience investing. Many of these years were spent on Wall Street in a number of roles. He was an analyst for a few big firms where he specialized in industries such as biotech, utilities, healthcare, telecommunications, basic materials, and more. He once helped to manage a $23 billion hedge fund and in his last position on Wall Street he managed a $6 billion hedge fund himself. He says that in the past his clients have included Swiss banks, the Templeton Foundation, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Fortune 500 companies among others.

He now resides just outside of Durham, North Carolina. He founded Profits Unlimited which is his monthly financial newsletter. He lets readers know about opportunities to invest in businesses that others have missed. It has over 60,000 subscribers and is meant for Main Street investors who don’t have the financial knowledge to really delve into the details and find gems of companies to invest in and he lets his readers know when it is time to get back out of a company’s stocks. He publishes this newsletter through Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit Paul Mampilly on facebook.

Paul Mampilly says that there are two huge trends which he thinks are changing how investing works. The first is the Internet of Things and the other is millennials. The Internet of Things is poised to change how people live and work. It involves all sorts of devices being interconnected together so that they can talk to each other and make life easier for people. One of these devices is smart thermostats which learn the habits of the occupants of a home, such as when they go to work, come home, and go to sleep. They can automatically adjust the temperature so that homes are more comfortable and save energy. Another example he uses is cars increasingly being able to talk to the roads they’re driving on to find out about upcoming traffic conditions.

Millennials are already changing entire industries, he says. Paul Mampilly says that millennial find very different things appealing to them than what prior generations thought of things. This is also a huge generation which makes it have an outsized influence. He researches how millennials are changing industries so that the readers of Profits Unlimited know how to invest their money to make huge profits.

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Matt Badiali is a natural resources investor who lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida. His educational background is in geology and he has developed several business skills such as analysis, finance, research, and marketing. He also does public speaking as well as designing new products and ideas. He is presently employed by Banyan Hill Publishing and he puts out a monthly financial newsletter which is dedicated to helping readers make money by investing in natural resources.

Having grown up with a strong interest in geology, Matt Badiali decided to pursue a doctorate in this field. To this end, he became a student at Penn State University in 1987 and he graduated five years later with a bachelor’s degree in geology. He then worked for six years in the natural resources industry, including at Lemenze Environment Drilling Company, before going back to school to get his master’s degree in geology. He attended Florida Atlantic University to earn this degree and graduated in 2000. Visit Matt Badiali on Facebook

With his master’s degree in hand, Matt Badiali then attended the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina. He intended to get his Ph.D. but he stopped just short of his dissertation. He made a fateful decision which was to instead pursue a career in the financial industry using his knowledge of geology to invest in natural resources. It takes a particular background to really excel as a natural resources investor as you need to understand investing and natural resources as well as having the ability to deeply research the companies in this industry.

Matt Badiali says that he travels all over the planet to get the information he needs to both invest his own money as well as inform his readers what they should be investing in. He will travel to the headquarters of companies he is interested in as well as their sites. He wants to see for himself if what they claim is actually true, such as what the real prospects are for a gold mine or an oil field.

The financial newsletter that he edits each month is called Real Wealth Strategist. He helps his readers navigate investing in natural resources which are widely known for experiencing booms and busts fairly often. He helps his readers navigate this so that they can take advantage of the booms, sometimes even quadrupling their returns, while knowing when to get out of the market to avoid a bust. Read This Article:


Is no secret that blockchain technologies have completely changed computing and finance as we know it. There are a myriad of applications and potential companies all looking to break into this new frontier of business. While many successful Ventures have come about, others leave much to be desired. It’s important to differentiate between genuine opportunities and companies that are crypto in name only.

Recently, Eastman Kodak of photo and image fame announced new partnereships and ventures into blockchain and crypto technologies. After the company reported KODAKOne and KodakCoin, the company’s stock price shot up more than 180% in a very short period of time, indicating a very healthy amount of optimism for the company and these new ventures.

Unfortunately there are many warning signs that indicate this is too good to be true. Sahm Adrangi, it’s on manager of over 150 million dollars in investments warns investors against the company, insisting that there is very little value added, and even more suspicious circumstances surrounding both Kodak as well as the new partner companies.

Sahm Adrangi was quick to point out the dubious partner companies that were involved in this process. While people recognize Kodak as a brand name that they trust and remember, it’s important to note these technologies are not being developed by them. WENN Digital Inc. is the outside developer of KodakOne, and has little history as a company or as a partner. In addition, Sahm Adrangi highlights the fact that KodakCoin is not an in-house Kodak developed technology but instead is created by AppCoin Innovations Inc, a recent company with no real history.

In addition, the board of directors at Kodak work right to give themselves restricted stock just one day before this was announced. This has very suspicious implications and can put the company at risk of SEC investigation regarding just how valid the claims and actions of the board have been.

Altogether, Sahm Adrangi it’s a clear picture of what seems to be going on. The are startup companies with potential technologies but no clout in the marketplace. There is no strategic value to this partnership, and Kodak is simply being used for its good name. Anyone investing in Eastman Kodak for because of KodakCoin may as well invest in any other unaffiliated high-risk startup in order to reap a greater potential benefit.

Managed healthcare has often been defined as the leading healthcare system in America. First introduced to the healthcare industry in the 1980s, managed healthcare has been of great benefit to most families. As such, the healthcare system has introduced various insurance plans to cater for every patient. Despite the family income or position in life, these insurance plans have worked for most patients. InnovaCare Health provides Medicare plans as well as physician practice to all its clients. InnovaCare operates by integrating cost-effective as well as sustainable patterns coupled with advanced technologies that will provide access to sophisticated and high-quality healthcare models.


Background Information


At InnovaCare Health, the company believes in team leadership. That is why the board of directors was elated to announce three additional leaders to the company. Of course, as a company that caters to a service industry, InnovaCare Health chose the best workforce in place. Here is a look at the senior leadership;


Dr. Shinto and InnovaCare Health


Dr. Shinto is an alumnus of the Stony Brook Medical School. He also attended the University of California and Redlands University. Shinto studied science and later acquired a degree in medicine. From his academic credentials, it is clear that Mr. Shinto is well qualified to manage InnovaCare Health.




Dr. Shinto has 20 years’ experience in clinical medicine and healthcare management. For starters, he is the serving chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. But before bagging this position, he worked in several senior healthcare corporations like NAMM California and Aveta Inc. In both companies, he served as a senior leader. Additionally, he was a corporate vice president at Med Partners. Click Here for more information.


Penelope and InnovaCare Health


Next in command is Penelope Kokkinides. She attended Columbia University School of Health. She also went to Binghamton University for languages. With her as the chief administrative officer, InnovaCare Health has been on the front of providing cutting-edge products and services in the healthcare industry.




Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkindes worked for different leading corporations in healthcare. Among the companies she worked for are AmeriChoice as the senior vice president and Touchstone Health as the vice president. Additional roles include working for Centrelight Healthcare as the chief executive officer and establishing friendly working relationships with all the mentioned companies. Penelope brought along her wealth of knowledge at InnovaCare Health. That is why the company has often excelled in all its endeavours.




Bernardo Chua founded OrganoGold in 2008 and remains its CEO. He is an internationally respected award-winning businessman who has received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry and the National Shoppers Choice Award. As its head, he has led Organo to amazing success. Organo made a name for itself via its main focus: The ancient Chinese herb, Ganoderma. Chua’s founding idea was to create and market healthy bioactive coffee products that were made with Ganoderma lucidum. After its first five very successful years, the company started expanding its products and services. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

Since that time it has almost continually added to new products to its rapidly growing catalog. Although is product line has changed and broadened considerably, its business model remains the same. Since the beginning, it has functioned via multilevel marketing the sells on a wholesale basis which they buyers turn around and sell to consumers. Organo’s values and goals also remain the same, which is to help people attain ever greater levels of balance, freedom, and well-being. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Bernardo Chua is a native of the Philippines and spent the first few years of his marketing career as an executive for Gano Excel. It was during this time that transferred him to the U.S. where he became president of their Gano Excel U.S.A. Then in 2004, the company started experiencing some problems with the U.S. FDA. The FDA claimed that Gano falsely claimed that its products had more health benefits than they really did. As a result, in 2005 Gano Excel issued a recall of some of its products the following year. Today Organo Gold is so huge that it is made up of a number of companies operating under the trading names of either Organo Gold or Coffee Connoisseur. In 2015 Organo Gold changed its official name to just Organo.

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Igor Cornelsen is one of the leading investing professionals and a respected entrepreneur. Igor is passionate about advising and guiding beginning investors and those who want to grow their portfolio. His knowledge of the investing industry can help you succeed.

Many people just like you want to invest in the stock market or other lucrative opportunity. They turn to investment advisory firms to help plan and implement strategies that are proven to improve your chances of getting successful outcome. Read the article at to know more.

Whether you want to save money to send your children to college, purchase your dream home, or invest for your financial future, it’s crucial to get expert assistance. That’s where Igor can help – to advise you and show you the proven path to investment success.

Igor has been investing for many years and he has a good understanding of strategies that work well. With a successful professional like Igor on your side, you can avoid costly mistakes and be on your way to reaching your goal.

Before getting into the investment field, Igor was an investment banker in Brazil and he also guided many people to success. He is highly successful and he did it through persistence. When things got tough, Igor kept on moving toward his goal. He is a positive person and he encourages others to stay away from negative influences and naysayers and stay on track.

Igor emphasizes on the importance of doing your research before getting into the investing field. He advises people to find a viable opportunity or the right investment vehicle before stepping into the investment market. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Unlike the banking world, where your saving deposits are guaranteed or protected by federal deposit insurance, investment in securities such as stocks and bonds, fluctuates with market condition. There is no guarantee that an investor will make money from his or her investments.

It is extremely important to you examine the investments you are considering, before venturing into the investing field. Igor Cornelsen also suggests that people start investing early and not postpone their decision to plan and manage their money. View:


In financial circles, on investment shows and on the evening news, there might be no topic hotter than cryptocurrency. The thought that a currency that you cannot see, feel or, for a lot of people, even understand, leaves those who are curious a bit baffled by it’s very nature. Cryptocurrency is the most exciting investment vehicles that the markets have seen in a long, long time. This currency operates exclusive of any central bank and it is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to generate the currency units. The transfer of funds from one holder to another is also conducted through this encrypted, proprietary technology. Read more on about Ian King.

Many people read about what cryptocurrency is, yet they still have a lot of questions. This is why master of this art-of-the-trade, like Ian King-Banyan, brings a lot to the table and is a venerated component of demystifying this hot commodity. Contributing Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. King has over 2 decades behind him of market-analyzing experience. He is nothing short of passionate about cryptocurrency, and this has landed him the position of being a top contributor on the financial education website, Investopedia.

At this point in his career, he has narrowed down the art of trading cryptocurrency down to 3 steps. This system he has created is currently in the auspicious “patent pending” status. Ian King has become a total student of this currency, and he likely sees this as a harbinger of great things to come, which is a position that is hardly arguable. Crypto brought a new sense of excitement, and new options for investing, to those that really have likely not had this kind of option in a long, long time. It is slowly creating a new dimension to trading. Visit This Page for more info

In recent years, companies that have achieved a $1 billion valuation have been coined “unicorns.” A traditional understanding of a unicorn is something that is mythical, that we will never actually see, but that said, I think they need a new word because there are unicorns everywhere. Uber is a “unicorn” by these standards, and many companies are joining these ranks. That said, the new term for crypto unicorns is “cryptocorn.” Cryptocorn means of course a cryptocurrency company or concern that has reached that lofty $1 billion valuation. This is becoming far more common, and Ian King is aware of the power of this auspicious vehicle for growing one’s wealth. Aside from being an investment, there is a lot of hope in cryptocurrency; a hope that governments will no longer rule our investment capital, and that the investment capital will ultimately rule itself. This is slowly marking a dawn of a new day for investing.

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