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FPX is a leading company in global enterprise Configure Price Quote that was acquired by middle-market private equity firm HGGC in April of 2016. In September of 2017 it was announced that HGGC was making an investment of an undisclosed amount in FPX. The purpose of this investment is to help facilitate further global growth on the part of FPX.

With a long track record of successful investments, HGGC has a reputation for making good on investments in e-commerce applications, one of the fastest growing fields of commerce across the globe. Some of the companies HGGC has successfully done business with include MyWebGrocer, Selligent and Hybris. With more than $15 billion in aggregate transaction values, HGGC uses an “Advantaged Investment” that allows them to invest in companies alongside the current owners, investors and operators, meaning they don’t just buy businesses and then leave them to operate: They find businesses they see the potential for growth in and infuse them with capital to help them realize their potentials, at a profit for all concerned.

FPX facilitates and simplifies the process of buying and selling over e-commerce platforms of all sizes and configurations. As company Chief Executive Officer and its co-founder Rich Lawson stated, FPX was the best opportunity for investment, and the new investment increases the potential for expansion, which FPX was already engaged in before the infusion of capital.

Operating in the Business to Business (B2B) arenas, FPX helps other companies increase their e-commerce sales footprint with innovative solutions. As the digital marketplace continues to expand and change on an almost daily basis, FPX stays ahead of the dips and alterations of the digital marketplace and helps other companies do the same while expanding their market share and sales imprints.

The parent company, which can be further examined on their website at, has more than 4.3 billion in capital commitments and as noted above, has done more than $15 billion in business ventures including traditional investments as well as add-on acquisitions and recapitalization and liquidity events. They have successfully completed more than 60 platform investments in the companies lifetime.

Founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services Krishen Iyer continue to flourish with his highly effective leadership, strategies, skills, and entrepreneurial abilities. The company focuses on marketing and consulting that is committed to serving for most Dental and Health Insurance companies. He has extensive expertise in marketing on social media and technical development that earned him a professional reputation worldwide.

About Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is a current resident of Carlsbad, California, USA. He became a student at Grossmont College, and he was able to earn his bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development in San Diego State University. His professional career started to bloom because of his role in Quick Link Marketing. He connected with his clients and gave every client’s specific marketing needs.

The businessman has qualities and mindset that drove him to pursue his goals and to achieve them. He used his technical development and online marketing expertise that eventually enabled him to thrive. The man also served different organizations and community service by giving his time to clean up local parks and by showing his support to children overseas. He has been sponsoring and contributing relief goods ever since.

Entrepreneurial Tips

In order to become successful, Krishen Iyer faced different responsibilities each day and has remained open to opportunities that come his way. Read more about Iyer’s skills here.

Productivity Is Key

Iyer makes the most of his day by following his schedule in the best way possible. He spends his morning in Carlsbad by talking to his clients in which he carries out his other responsibilities afterward. A normal day for him involves technical development, marketing and prioritizing customers.

Create New Ideas

He brings his ideas to life by developing himself and constantly communicating with others. Krishen Iyer appreciates and loves to hear other people’s various insights, opinions, and point of views. Through this, he generates ideas and interacts all the more from one person to the next.

Establish Skills

Krishen Iyer is the most curious man in Carlsbad. He developed his communication skill since it is a talent and a skill that entrepreneurship requires that can be refined over time.

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Steve Ritchie has a lot of work ahead of him after being promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s. The pizza company that has stores throughout the United States has been going through some hard times lately with decreased sales, but he’s ready to do whatever it takes to bring his customers back. People were disappointed with the behavior of a former member of the Papa John’s team and they let the company know about. They heard and they are listening to what the world is saying needs to change.

Recently, Steve Ritchie and the rest of Papa John’s launched a campaign to let the world know that they are more than ready for change and welcome it. They know that people lost their faith in the company and were hurt by some of the actions of this former employee. This personally impacted Steve Ritchie and the rest of the executive team at the company. This has spurred them to take big actions to fix the company and make it more inclusive and diverse than ever before. Papa John’s has always stood for the quality of their food and they are extending that to their people and actions as well.

It can be difficult to look at your own company and find the problems in the culture yourself, this is why they hired an independent auditor to give an idea of what actions their company needs to take. This is not the only thing that Steve Ritchie is doing to figure out what his company needs. His team, which includes himself, took the initiative to go to many different restaurants in their chain to speak to the customers and team members themselves. The opinions many of them have weren’t exactly the most positive, but that’s already starting to change.

In order to increase the diversity in his company, Steve Ritchie implemented a long-term goal to encourage minority ownership of their franchises. In addition, they are reaching out to their communities to try to help the different causes that are important locally. This is all on top of some of the shorter-lasting efforts to address immediate problems that were brought to their attention.

Stream Energy is one of the largest companies within the global energy market. They provide solar, wind, and hydro energy to homes and businesses, wireless services, protective services and home services as well. The company has earned more than $8 billion in revenues thus far and continues to grow. Stream Energy has been in business for 13 years and provided electricity to 9 states including Texas, New Jersey, and New York.

In addition to business, Stream Energy has created a philanthropic effort called Stream Cares. Launched in 2016, the company supports a number of causes through direct funding, donations, and events. Some of the organizations that Stream Cares supports include Operation Once in a Lifetime, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and Habitat for Humanity. Through it’s Women Of Power program, the company invests to help women get ahead in the workplace by developing and promoting female leadership within the company. It brings women together to inspire and motivate one another and mentor them to their business in a variety of ways such as retreats.

Stream Opportunity has made thousands of people to become financially independent by earning rewards from selling services and signing up new customers. Stream Energy provides the resources needed so it’s Independent Associates can successfully run their businesses selling the company’s services. Another initiative by the company is Stream Green, an eco-friendly initiative. The company is offering green and renewable energy plans that will help their customers offset 1,000 kwh which equals 212 trees over the course of a decade. Designed to help Independent Associates and their customers, Stream Opportunity allows customers to enroll in the company’s renewable energy plans and green plans. Offered to residential and business customers, they can neutralize their electricity generated carbon emissions just by using energy from renewable sources like the wind, hydro, and solar options that Stream Energy provides.

Having been involved in the business world for close to four decades, Hussain Sajwani has witnessed first-hand the impact political tensions can have on the global economy. The Damac owner points this out in reference to the current and brewing political storms across the world, with key emphasis on the U.S – China trade wars and a looming Brexit explosion in Europe. These play into his operating zones for his businesses and can attribute, to a certain extent, the 33 percent profit dip Damac Properties reported in this year’s third quarter.

Need for free trade across the world

When the Damac owner’s friend and longtime business acquaintance, Donald Trump took office as the U.S President, he sparked off a series of trade wars against China. He is particularly opposed to the one-sided nature of Chinese operations where they take advantage of the free trade while consistently locking out foreigners from their local markets.

Hussain Sajwani argues that while the trade war that has since loped in numerous other countries, there is a need for free trade across the world. He shares his friend’s opinions about unfair Chinese business policies that discourage foreign business penetration.

Unnecessary tensions

The free trade economic jabs between the United States and China has attracted global attention and roped in such other countries as Canada and Latin America nations. Across the Atlantic, yet another politically instigated economic tension, the Brexit, threatens to tip and carry with it the world’s most stable economic block, the European Union.

The Damac owner believes while the issues at hand like discussions about free trade or seamless transition of the British economy are important, the resulting political tensions aren’t necessary. He adds that these have only served to destabilize the global economy that is still on its knees and on a recovery journey from the 2007/8 financial crisis.

More about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain is the founder and current chairman of Damac properties, an international real estate company specializing in the development of luxury residential properties. He is also the head of Global Logistics Service, a hospitality industry company that either establishes luxury hotels or invests in equally promising restaurants in the Middle East and Africa.

Krishen Iyer is a revered entrepreneur, and he mainly focuses on insurance marketing and consulting. He is the founder of Managed Benefits Services. The company was founded in 2016, and it was previously known as “Quick Link Marketing.” The organization specializes in technical development, client interfacing, and online marketing. Iyer mainly focuses on health insurance and dental insurance, and he usually deals with marketing and offering leads.

Krishen Iyer is dedicated to ensuring that his clients get access to quality services. His success has also come about because of his perseverance since the dynamics in the industry pose many challenges. He also excelled in his academics, and he has also founded many corporations throughout his career as an entrepreneur. Iyer is the holder of a degree in Public Administration which he got from the San Diego University. In 2002, Krishen Iyer began dealing with businesses that were related to insurance. Over the years, Iyer got an in-depth understanding of how insurance businesses operate, and he even founded the HIS Insurance where he served as the company’s CEO until 2014. In 2009, Iyer also founded an insurance company known as “Name My Premium.”

Iyer is passionate about his business endeavors, and he dedicated most of his time to his clients. During his free time, he engages in activities such as playing chess and soccer. He also participates in community service together with his family. Media houses have also had the privilege of interviewing Krishen Iyer, and during the interviews, he is always able to talk more about his journey to success and his motivation as an entrepreneur.

When asked about how he got the idea of coming up with Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer says that he had identified the need for specialized marketing. Some firms were unable to access the services that they needed but through Managed Benefits Services, these firms can the various solutions from some of the lead generation companies. By founding the Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer had now sealed the marketing gap that was present in the industry. As a marketing expert, Krishen Iyer is interested in trends such as marketing analytics which allows him to focus on finding a solution to the challenges that some of the clients are facing.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the prominent venture capitalists in the United States. He is known for his former role at Sherpa Capital where he was the managing director. Early this year, the Uber investor went on Twitter and sent out 50 messages with information about the future of the American economy. He expressed his thoughts by outlining what he thought were indicators that the economy is headed south. The tweet storm did not only focus on the American economy but other matters related to the financial industry. For instance, he talked about the bond market, bitcoin, immigration, and even the Silicon Valley.

American economy

On the American economy, Shervin Pishevar painted a dark picture of the state of the economy. By his projection, the economy will deteriorate in the coming days. He pointed out some factors that he believed were indications of an economy on the decline. The stock market was going down at the time of messages. He projected that the stock market would drop by 6,000 points, which would erase all the gains made in the past one year. The performance of the U.S Stock Market gives a clear picture of the overall performance of the economy. When it is doing poorly, the economy is also in danger.

The Silicon Valley

After talking about the economy, he moved onto Silicon Valley. By his analysis, Silicon Valley is on its death. There is no way it can maintain the high-profile name it has held for years. The world’s best innovations no longer have to come from the valley. Many countries are creating their versions of Silicon Valley to tap the talents of their citizens. Unlike in the past when great talent would come to the United States, this has no longer have to be the case anymore. Shervin Pishevar adds that Silicon Valley is no longer about a physical location, but rather an idea that is being implemented across the globe.

The projections of Shervin Pishevar were not off the mark since most of the projections he made are coming out correct. Others will be proven as time progresses.

CloudWick is a leading provider of the bimodal digital enterprise services and solutions to Global 1000. The main services include big data, advanced analytics, cloud, data science, internet of things, mobile application development and big data pilot-to-production. These services enable data-driven organizations to accelerate business activities and gain a competitive advantage.

The Company developed CDL which is the first neural application of intelligence for cybersecurity. The CDL system is designed to unlock the potential of the current security solutions, democratize security analytics at a scale and enable businesses to win the war against the top digital enterprise threats, including data loss prevention, advanced persistent threats, nation-state attacks and the botnets.

CloudWick Machine Learning

The CloudWick Machine Learning with the Amazon SageMaker application on the AWS site helps business users and developers of all skill sets and knowledge leverage the power of the SageMaker platform to explore the real world use cases. It also helps to operationalize the whole machine learning process of visualizing inferred results to data exploration.

The tier-centered subscription solutions help users train system and machine learning models to meet their business needs. This solution is achieved by consulting offers from the Company which is the AWS Partner Network and the machine learning competency holder.

CloudWick Data Lake

CloudWick is a leading information competency partner for the AWS Data Lake Quickstart and the cloud analytics modernization. The Quickstart deploys a data lake platform that integrates several AWS Cloud components and services to help users migrate information to the AWS Cloud, monitor, analyze and store the data. This system utilizes Amazon Simple Storage Services as a key service to store the data. It also deploys the Apache Zeppelin and the Kibana for visualizing and analyzing the data.

CloudWick CDL

That is a new technology partner program for data scientists and security vendors to unlock the power of information at a scale for AI cybersecurity, AA, and ML. The CDL system acts as a neural unit for security intelligence that captures, stores and analyzes high throughput telemetry data and democratizing it for any data scientist or cybersecurity vendor.

Stream Energy is a privately held energy company which provides energy, protective, wireless and home services. The company’s headquarters are in Dallas and Texas. The founders of the company are Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshkaji who founded it in the year 2004. Currently, the chief executive officer of Stream Energy is Larry Mondry. The primary sales channel for this company is multi-level marketing.
Stream Energy sells gas and electric services in Washington DC and other seven states. The other services are provided nationwide. Due to its uniqueness and highly innovative, Stream is among the largest energy companies in the world. It has put in place different energy plans which suits its consumers making it a reputable company in the country. Currently, Stream Energy services are available in Illinois, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, and Washington DC. The industry has also moved forward to providing international wireless plans and home services. It provides services like Virtual MD and Stream Digital Voice. Virtual MD helps you to access quality healthcare services from home.
Apart from the business is the main agenda for the company, Stream energy has also considered philanthropy as part of its philosophy. It has always desired to help people not only in Dallas but across the nation. This was enhanced through the creation of Stream Cares Foundation in 2016. The company attempts to change Texas by being generous and conducting philanthropic activities. It is this foundation which is responsible for all charities offered by the company. Here are some of the instances when Stream Energy offered charity
• Hurricane Harvey which hit Houston, the company helped the affected families to speed their recovery using its funds
• During the tornado in Texas, the company aided the victims by giving them financial assistance
• During the homeless crisis in Dallas, the company provided clothing and basic items for the needy children
The company also has a program for helping military families. One of the programs is the American Girl Doll Experience which is directed to the daughters of American military personnel. With this program, they help the daughters financially and psychologically making them feel embraced.

Ryan Seacrest holds different prominent positions in broadcast and cable television. He is also a radio host with nationally syndicated shows and has joined the award-winning team at “Live” as a permanent co-host with Kelly Ripa.

Ryan is involved in different entrepreneurial activities in media and entertainment companies. He is also involved in philanthropic efforts that focus on youth-oriented initiatives, which are having a significant influence across the nation. Ryan is the host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest which is a market topping number one nationally syndicated morning drive-time show which airs on iHeartMedia’s KIIS-FM. He brings the Top 40 radio show, which is also nationally, syndicated.

When it comes to television hosting, Ryan Seacrest plays host and executive producer of Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, an ABC annual new year’s eve program. He also hosts the Live from the Red Carpet for E! Ryan’s entrepreneurial endeavours led him to establish Ryan Seacrest Production in 2006. This award-winning entertainment Production Company is the power behind the creation of unscripted, scripted, and digital programming. It produces hit shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Shahs of Sunset; I love Kellie Pickle, Shades of Blue, and an NBC drama series that stars Jenifer Lopez. The company has also produced Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, an award-winning reality series.

Ryan Seacrest has investments within media and entertainment companies like Civic Entertainment Group, a marketing services company and attn: which is a media company that targets millennials via Seacrest Global Group. His independent investments include DigiTour Media, which creates IRL (In Real Life) YouTube experiences through concerts, head paces and cable network AXS TV among others.

Ryan has also invested in the fashion industry through Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a menswear line that sells exclusively at Macy’s. He collaborates with Dermatologist Harold Lancer to produce Polished by Dr Lancer, which is a skincare business.

Ryan helms the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which has ten broadcast media centres in different pediatric hospitals in cities across the nation. Ryan Seacrest is also a board member at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and an honorary chair at the Grammy Foundation.

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