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When people are asked why they want to trade, the most common response is to make money. However, NetPicks states that this should not be the reason to trade. While many people may find themselves stomped when they hear that, it is important to know that it is very rare for someone to truly succeed in trading. In most cases, people are going to lose all of their money or give up. People that are successful in trading tend to have a different mindset about the activity. It is possible that the successful traders are trading for reasons other than making money.  Access guiding tips on forex trading, check

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While the object for trading is to make money, it should not be the goal for each trade. One of the reasons behind this is that people who have making money for a goal in trading are only going to set themselves up for disappointment. The best thing to do is to make that the ultimate goal while making each trade with a different goal. According to NetPicks, the best thing to do when it comes to trading is protect oneself from a ton of psychological problems that can come as a result of losing trades.  For tutorial blog reading, hit on this link.

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There are many problem mindsets that people often have when they are trading. They often have trading as a way to pay the bills. This can lead to many issues that can intensify the losses. More to read and learn here.

For instance, people may hold on losing trades and then cut their winning trades way too early. Then this could also lead to revenge trading which can cause even greater losses. When losing a trade, the best thing to do when there is the temptation to trade out of revenge is to take some time off to recollect. NetPicks makes it clear that trading is something that requires a sound mind.

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Dr. Mark Mckenna is a very determined businessperson.

At one time, Dr. Mark Mckenna believed that it would be hard to make a great amount of money as a doctor, but over time, he understood that his true passion was in real estate. He then set goals to begin constructing a business in real estate.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has a license in Medicine and Surgery. He is also a common physician by both the Georgia and Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

Today, Dr. Mark Mckenna is the successful owner of the Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is faithful by offering his patients the most complete answers to medical weight loss, and next to a mixture of progressive Non-Surgical Visual events. Mark Mckenna remained in New Orleans to finish his medical education at the Tulane University Hospital. He assisted people from those affected with aid efforts by Hurricane Katrina.

Mark has gotten attention nationwide in Forbes magazine. They label Mark as a successful doctor who switched as a businessperson, who is making an Uber-type app for Botox patients.

Mark McKenna’s latest project is OVME. It is a technology-assisted, medical visual company that is changing the ways of optional healthcare. He believes the mission of Botox can be a comfortable experience for customers. OVME, by its title, catches how well the company helps patients get better.

Mark hopes that rather than people seeing a doctor, they can obtain superficial techniques at home. The company can complete virtual checks while delivering medical doctors to customers.

Dr. Mark McKenna has discovered that working hard at something, and perseverance are the ways to gain achievement in life. He also makes the statement that nothing good can be achieved without a dedicated unit. One remarkable key technique that anyone can learn from is to make sure your system contains people who are brighter than yourself, because knowledge has the ability for expanding the future.

Dr. McKenna loves to practice JiuJitsu, enjoys reading, traveling, and just being a family man.

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Canada accounting for over nine billion dollars in sales each year. Craft beer is becoming more and more popular with those who enjoy this delicious beverage. It is considered to be the golden age of craft beer currently. This is all new for beer, in the past, it was a wine that attracted connoisseurs but with craft beer the flavors and distinctions in the variations of beer attract many different people with varying tastes, making it approachable to anyone who wants to grab a beer.


There is now a Canadian craft beer for just about anybody’s personal taste preference, ranging from the IPA Red Racer Pale Ale which has a much stronger hop taste varieties that are gluten-free such as the much loved Glutenberg Double Belgian. There are several different breweries that bring these craft beers to customers, and one of the most popular breweries in Canada is Steamworks Brewing Company.


Steamworks Brewing Company is run by CEO Eli Gershkovitch. While he has helped build this company up and make it is what it is today- he is a very unconventional businessman (Twitter). Calm and casual, instead of haughty and uptight is how he approaches his work and life. In this case, it must be the winning combination. Even with the laid-back personality don’t think of this CEO as lazy. Eli Gershkovitch is still a master of business and strives every day to make Steamworks grow and thrive and keep up with customer demand.


Steamworks got its start in 1995 as a small pub in Vancouver. Eli Gershkovitch has transformed that original pub which had to seat for 184 people now can seat 754 people. This large pub attracts tourists and locals alike every single day. As a part of his expansions to the original pub, Eli Gershkovitch has also opened several pubs and restaurants across Canada.


Steamworks is much more than just a beer company to owner and CEO Eli Gershkovitch, he is the sole owner and refuses to have shareholders. He has said before that it is his source of freedom and that he wants to be in charge of his freedom.

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Glen Wakeman has over two decades in management; he has also been a board member, business owner, investor, and mentor. He has also been involved in business development and other P and L roles. Through his five key dimensions; leadership performance, human capital management, plan execution, risk management, and governance; he has helped in building businesses. Currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings. He was also the founder of Nova Four, which provided advice plus ways to access to capital providers for business start-ups. He has an MBA from Chicago University


Roles in GE


Glen’s role in GE as Latin America C.E.O cannot be understated. He built nine country operations from the ground to companies that came to exceed $12 billion in the value of assets and over a million in annual income. The nine companies also gave employment to over 17,000 employees. He managed to sign partnerships and create products while building over one thousand branches in Latin America. His other works with GE has been in the UK where he was the director for GE Capital and Global Insurance ventures. He has also been CEO for Consolidated Financial Insurance Group, a subsidiary of GE (


LaunchPad Holdings


The company has developed software that allows people with business to structure their ideas and have them be a plan. It also has a LaunchPad toolkit that comes complemented with broad tips and other suggestions on how an entrepreneur can form their company and organize their ideas into a plan that is workable (PremierGazette). It also enables them to talk with advisors and providers of initial capital investment. The company also carried out performance coaching and training for board members to sustain improvement.




Mr. Wakeman held an interview with Interview.Net where he talked about what motivates him, the business challenges and what apps he uses to increase productivity. He also talked about what his typical day looks like and the new trends that he finds exciting. The interview also covered what inspired him to form LunchPad and how he manages to bring business ideas to become a reality.


Dr. Mark Holterman is an American Doctor and Philanthropist who has been practicing for over two decades. In 2007 during a trip to Vietnam, his wife’s country of origin, the couple visited the largest children’s hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. They found the conditions for patients there severely inadequate. At the end of the trip, the couple met with the chief surgeon at the hospital and decided to take matters into their own hands. Two years (2009) later their efforts turned into a legally recognized American nonprofit, International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (Ideamensch).

Some of the basic focuses of the group are to reduce needless infections that are caused by the overcrowded and understaffed facilities as well as to procure and provide new and advanced medical equipment and supplies to Vietnam. Medical professionals from the United States are also being utilized as consultants to Vietnamese medical staffs in order to find better ways to deal with the issues at hand. In the future the nonprofit plans to build and operate rural clinics in underprivileged areas.

A Yale graduate from a largely uneducated farming family, Dr. Mark Holterman met his wife Ai-Xuan Le during the early 80’s while studying as a medical student at the University of Virginia where they both changed the directions of each other’s lives forever ( Ai-Xuan’s influence could easily be said to have been a huge factor in leading Dr. Holterman to become the world renown pediatric surgeon that he is today.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the American College of Surgeons. He is actively a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His specialties include Pediatric surgery (including fetal surgery) and General Surgery. He has also published numerous works on his studies dealing with fetal stem cells.

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Not every booming business tends to always do the right thing. However, Stream Energy went against those traditional ideas and really stepped up when it mattered, specifically in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Stream Energy is well known, nationally, for bringing better electric utility rates to customers through their network of sales associates and brokers. Starting off as a way for those desiring to help friends and family save money through the brokering of electric services at better, lower rates – the concept gained momentum and countless happy sales associates and customers over the years.


The Stream Energy concept allows those wanting to help others through lower utility bills took on a new meaning after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. The company itself took swift action to assist not only their sales associates but their customers as well.


Stream Energy started off by making a monetary donation of $25,000 to the American Red Cross to help with immediate needs of those impacted ( Beyond that, Stream Energy started reaching out to their associates in those areas and offered and then afforded assistance in determining top issues requiring support. This helped associated interact and calm the fears of the customers of Stream Energy.


Stream Energy truly took the seriousness of the situation and made waivers such as the removal of late fees for customers and wireless phone usage overages for associates. Both moves proved to be a positive factor during an otherwise dire situation.


Additionally, Stream Energy supported crowdfunding measures to support sales associates and their reduced income due to the Hurricane by pledging to match donations to keep their sales associates in business. Those who have chosen Stream Energy as their electric provider and as their venue of being an entrepreneur lauded the company for their quick and beneficial actions that brought relief to both sales ambassadors and customers alike (GCReport).


Many people are embracing the act of giving leading to the increased philanthropic activities in the modern world. It also seems that people who give are happier than those that do not practice such activities. The people giving out tend to receive more unlike those who focus on accumulating everything for themselves (PCM). The question that comes to the minds of many is what exactly makes giving such a fulfilling experience. Most people are amazed at how much giving creates a positive influence in people’s lives. In an article published in the LiveScience by Jenny Santi explains the power of the article, Jenny Santi highlights various instances where some people have shown kindness to people in need of help and in return confess feeling good about their actions. Scientific research indicates that through giving of one’s treasures, talents, and time, people find meaning and fulfillment in life, means of transcending difficulties and finding purpose in life.

According to the article titled “The science behind the power of giving (Op-Ed)”, people embracing collaborations and compassion as their means to thrive and survive. According to neuroscientists such as Jorge Moll, human brains are wired to serve others, which explain the increasing number of volunteers and donations towards charity works. Another explanation behind the power of giving is the aspect of altruism. Research shows that those who give or help others report of feeling high after their actions. Some of them also reported feeling more energetic and stronger. Others also engage in helping others who suffer from a condition they experienced before. Through their helping actions, these people report of feeling less pain or suffering when they help others in their previous conditions.

About Jorge Moll

Moll is the current governing board member and president-director of D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He is also a senior researcher with the D’Or Institute for Research and education. Jorge Moll is also the head of cognitive Neuroscience unit and neuroinformatics at the same institute. Jorge Moll won the research fellow award in 2004-2007 and was appointed a member of the Brazilian Academy of sciences. He became a member of the board of governors with the International Neuroethics Society in 2012-2013. The Neuroscience Institute of the Stanford University feted him with the visiting scholar award in 2015.

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Matt Badiali started his career as a scientist but moved on to become involved in the finance industry. Over the years, Matt has been able to experience a successful career in this field which he believes is very rewarding. On a regular basis, Matt helps a number of investors get the information they need in order to make profitable transactions. With his expertise, a number of investors have been able to profit from his advice on a consistent basis. Today, Matt writes a newsletter about natural resource investing. He says that it is important to know a variety of fields such as finance and science. Since natural resources are among the most highly speculative things, it is vital that investors research opportunities before they invest. Therefore, he wrote this newsletter to help better inform investors about his particular sector in finance.

When beginning his day, Matt gets up at around 6:30 AM and brings his daughters to school. After he drops them off at school, he reads up on the latest headlines along with watching Bloomberg TV and the Weather Channel. Matt then begins writing about the latest trends in finance. After this, he will then answers emails and read about the latest trends in finance.

In order to bring his writing ideas to life, Matt Badiali draws on his actual experiences which will make his content more realistic to readers. They will be able to more easily relate to what they are reading. Since he had lots of experience traveling as a geologist, Matt has been able to write a number of meaningful content pieces based on his unique experiences. Follow Matt Badiali at

Along with using his experiences to write quality content, Matt believes that it is important to focus on one thing at a time. This will enable you to avoid distractions and focus on a particular task until it gets completed. As a result, he is able to meet deadlines easily.

Before Matt got involved in finance, he worked as a geologist at the University of North Carolina. He would get a call from a financial expert which ended up changing his life. This expert was someone who made over a billion dollars on selling research to the top investors in the world. The expert also asked Matt if he could help him on a project. Since the expert wanted to invest in energy, mining and natural resources, he believed that Matt would be very helpful. Matt would accept the project and research a variety of companies that offered products and services in these industries. After this, Matt then became a professional researcher and writer for energy and natural resource stocks.

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Ted Bauman is an editor of The Bauman and Alpha Stock Alert at Banyan Hill Publishing. He currently offers his specialization in asset protection and in others areas of expertise. His recent analysis of the popular crytocurrency – Bitcoin – sheds some light on the possible amendments that can improve the stability rate of the currency, or else he sees it bound to fail.

So, what is bitcoin exactly? Ted Bauman explains bitcoin is a currency, in the form of crypto that is a decentralized network existing within the world of computers. It is a virtual currency that offers some benefits as opposed to those of traditional currencies. Bitcoin’s decentralization makes it free from government manipulation. Bitcoins can be a private asset. They are created by a process called mining; this is an entirely computerized process. Whenever a bitcoin transaction is occurring, the process of mining is occurring simultaneously. You have to wait for the mining to be completed before your transaction is processed.

This is where the disadvantage comes in; the whole process being time consuming, especially in comparison to credit cards, makes it difficult to foresee Bitcoin taking over/replacing the fiat currency. The Visa credit card transactions on a daily basis oversees 1,700 transactions per second (with the capacity of completing up to 24,000 transactions per second), while a bitcoin oversees only processes 6.5 transactions per second.

To resolve this issue, a solution can be thought up but that would require somewhat of a compromise on bitcoin’s security. By reducing the amount of data that is processed in a mining block, through a technology called “segregated witness” the transaction can be sped up. But this in return makes bitcoin less secure.

Those who disagreed or found this technology skeptical began to use a “hard fork” instead. The hard fork uses a previous “blockchain” to formulate new transactions, but under a new system. This system is much larger; when the block size increases to eight megabytes, the verification process speeds up. However, since the technology is different, it has bagged a different name as well – “Bitcoin Cash”

This new blockchain retains value for all previous bitcoins. So, one bitcoin can still be redeemed for one bitcoin cash. The rising popularity of bitcoin cash has caused the bitcoin to tank. At the expense of bitcoin, the bitcoin cash is now worth a lot more than its initial value of 0. Also, since bitcoin lost value, while bitcoin cash gained it, the “segregated witness technology” was cancelled as a result.

What investors can do right now is invest in Bitcoin Cash. Another fork will appear as unanimous agreement regarding how to speed up bitcoin transactions is still waiting to happen. Perhaps bitcoin investors will be able to redeem their bitcoins for an equal exchange with the next fork off currency. If this development is perceived well by the market, this may just be an easy pay day for the investors. Ted, however, explains that he remains skeptical about this and will not lay a bet on it.

Born in Washington, D.C., while raised in Maryland, Ted Bauman is a specialist in analyzing market trends. He acquired his education from the University of Cape Town where he earned dual postgraduate degrees: History and Economics. He has also dedicated his time to serving executive roles in nonprofit organizations.

He possesses foresight into finance affairs through which he seeks to advise investors on what could be a good bet. His keen observation and studying of current developments helps him deduce possible future outcomes.

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Recent changes in the industry have led to selling off technology sector stocks. These changes and influenced the common interest of many parties on WallStreet. It has also made the market a unique vantage point for addressing industry wide changes.The summer months are considered to be choppier because of these large scale sentiments. This is incredibly likely to happen this year and is a persistent concern among investors. A proactive strategy is important when it comes to taking advantage of existing market trends and themes.The ‘Lock and Walk’ is one strategy that can be useful when it comes to looking at past results and making decisions in real time about it.  Read this useful article on

By supporting unique resistance levels it is possible to test and explore multiple aspects of the market. Following a few simple rules can help people utilize this strategy independently. When the support is tested with regards to QLD, selling may be resisted. However, selling QLD is advisable when the support breaks.When resistance is being tested in relation to QID, supporting a sell is the target. Meanwhile, selling QID is important in the event of the resistance breaking.

These guidelines are great in a choppy market. They are based on fundamental principles and can help improve outcomes and results of trading regardless of the environment.The Lock and Walk strategy is important and can be helpful for short term trades.

NetPicks is a leading platform for online trading.It is also the gold standard when it comes to creating easily accessible education for Forex, futures, stocks and other aspects of trading. The NetPicks coaching team provides unique and customized training to help investors reach their objectives. Practices can help facilitate both long term and short term results while maximizing full time or part time income. The best part about the program is that it can get setup in just a few minutes.  Access their free tutorials, visit their page.

The strategies NetPicks shares are easy to follow and can be understood with few challenges or obstacles. The support team is incredibly professional and allows for a great deal of efficacy in the process.Competent guidance along with genuine support throughout the process help NetPicks stand apart from the rest.  For additional trading tips, click on

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