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Paul Herdsman has several years of experience in business development and growth, marketing and sales growth, operational execution, customer acquisition, and customer retention. He is the COO and co-founder of NICE Global. It is a nearshore company that provides businesses that want to outsource processes with customer service solutions.


NICE Global helps customer retention, customer engagement, and lowers overhead costs. NICE Global uses incentive-based programs to reward its employees’ dedication, hard work, and skills. The company values the link between its team’s success and the client’s success. Paul Herdsman perfected his problem-solving skills in management roles for different companies. He viewed streamlining as a great tool for long-term growth.


While outsourcing business management aspects for large companies in 2013, he recognized the difficulty of managing many active locations on a larger scale. Customer satisfaction was negatively affected by the lack of ability to physically provide service, mentorship, and oversight.


Paul Herdsman’s solution was a centralized, nearshore physical base for clients to visit. He chose Jamaica for the base due to its large English speaking population, convenient location, physical workforce, positive business practices, and extensive growth potential. NICE Global was created as a physical center in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The company quickly became profitable because it started with a portfolio of clients and the Jamaican team created a successful recruiting process.


Paul was confident with task delegation by 2014. He realized how important it was to have a wonderful workplace and a solid core team. Herdsman greatly valued initial training, continued education, advancement opportunities, and hard work appreciation.


Customers who are satisfied tell others about their experience. Paul Herdsman values transparency because business owners entrust their acumen, products, reputations, and services.


Paul has found it difficult to give others responsibility, but he had to with operations of this magnitude. He learned how to hire experienced people who can be trusted to get the job done. He can then focus on long-term goals and let others deal with the daily operations. Go Here for more information.


The successful entrepreneur earned his B.A. from Florida Atlantic University. He enjoys fishing and golfing in his free time.


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After several months of speculations, Fortress Investment Group finally approved and announced that it would be acquired by SoftBank in July 2017. By the end of the year 2017, the acquisition had been completed for 3.3 billion dollars. The terms of the acquisition required that all the shareholders receive 8.08 dollars for every share in their ownership. The purpose was for SoftBank to have ownership of all of the company’s shares. Among the biggest beneficiaries of this transaction is Randal Nardone.

Randal and Fortress Investment Group

  • Randal and Fortress Investment Group

Randal is one of the co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group. Since its founding in 1998, Randal has been a principal at the firm where he first served as the assets manager. He also served the company as a chief officer of operation and took the forefront in the firm’s structured finance and legal affairs as well. He is currently the director of investment of Fortress as well as the interim Chief Executive Officer since 2013. Randal Nardone has also been a member of the firm’s board of directors for the past 12 years.

Owing to the public offering of Fortress Investment, Randal acquired a whopping 1.6 billion dollars for his 53 million shares in the company. In addition to his 200 million dollar net worth previously, Randal Nardone is currently worth 1.8 billion dollars. He was ranked 557 in Forbes list of World Billionaires.

Randal Nardone before Fortress Investment Group

  • Randal Nardone before Fortress Investment Group

Randal attended both the University of Boston and the Connecticut University where he got his Doctor of Jurisprudence and a Bachelor’s degree in English and Biology respectively. He began his career as a lawyer working at the Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. He later reinvented himself and decided to venture into finance with his first job at BlackRock Financial Group. He then got hired at UBS before venturing into Fortress with his co-founding partners.

Randal also plays the role of Director at Brookdale Senior Living, Springleaf Holdings, and Gagfah. He is the executive manager and advisor at the New Residential Investment Corp as well. He is also a board member in each of these companies.


Sussex Healthcare provides twenty care homes as well as support services for older people who are suffering from dementia or other mental limitations, and adults who have physical or mental disabilities. It has been in operation since 1985, and has a reputation for quality care. As you can imagine, a large staff is needed to meet the daily demands of the residents. Sussex Healthcare employs an administrative staff, nurses, physical therapists, and caregivers, just to name a few.

Recently, Sussex announced openings for caregivers in several locations. Applicants do have to meet certain qualifications, as Sussex has a mission to provide each of their residents with the best quality of care. However, prior experience is not required, as full training will be provided for those found to have the needed attitude of warmth, friendliness, and compassion, and the ambition to learn the skills needed to provide a high standard of care for all residents. Depending on the location, shifts may be day or night.

Once hired in a care giving position, Sussex Healthcare encourages caregivers to get to know each resident as an individual, and to always preserve the dignity of each individual. Each resident has a care plan which caregivers must follow. Residents are as independent as possible, but receive assistance with daily tasks such as eating, dressing, toileting, and others as needed. Creative suggestions for improvements to the living conditions of residents are always welcome. Caregivers are expected to be reliable and punctual, and to work well with others, including other staff members, as well as residents, and family members of residents.

Also, Sussex Healthcare homes provide employment opportunities in many other areas. Each property is unique, but some of the opportunities provided are cognitive activity programs, fitness activities, and multi-sensory areas. A kitchen staff prepares daily meals, and the dining room is an area for socializing. The care home’s surrounding are well maintained, and many feature fountains, large grassy areas, gardens, and walking areas. No matter the area of involvement with the residents of Sussex Healthcare, all staff members are trained to meet their needs with patience, compassion, and dignity.

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur and high ranking executive in the financial services industry. Today he is the co founder, principal and chief executive officer of the investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. He has spent over two decades working in the financial services sector where he has held a number of top leadership roles. Before he got involved in the financial services industry, Randal Nardone spent a number of years as a lawyer. With this level of success, Randal has been able to achieve great wealth and was recently named to the Forbes list of billionaires.

When he completed college and law school, Randal Nardone worked at the law firm Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood in New York City. He would first serve as an attorney and would then move up to higher ranking positions. At the end of his stint at the law firm, Randal became a member of the firm’s executive committee. With this high ranking position, he would serve as a partner and be involved in the firm’s business and administrative decisions. Therefore, he would acquire a great deal of leadership experience that would help benefit him in the years to come.

While he was working as a lawyer at Thatcher, Proftitt & Wood, Randal Nardone decided that he wanted to pursue a career in finance. This led him to start up and work at a firm known as Blackrock Financial Management. At this firm, he would serve as the principal where he would provide the daily management of the firm. For a few years, he would work at this firm but decided to pursue other opportunities. His next position in the financial sector would be as a managing director at the firm UBS. For one year he held this position and participated in the firm’s expansion and acquisition of new clients. He would later leave to start up another firm.

Nardone started up Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and looked to build it into a top alternative investment management firm. When he first began the firm, he became a member of the management committee. At this position he would provide the business strategy and also set policies to reach the firm’s goals. Over time, Nardone helped the firm expand and today it is among the most renowned investment management firms in real estate, hedge funds and private equity securities.

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Organo Gold has been known to offer products that are of high quality. The consumers who use Bernardo company’s coffee, supplements, and tea can affirm he is committed to maintaining a high standard for his products. Bernardo Chua is the man behind the exceptional company called Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua established the autonomous premium coffee company in 2008 with the aim of being a global coffee supplier. Despite being just ten years old, the company has taken the global coffee market by storm.

If Bernardo Chua didn’t come up with some ways to maintain high-quality coffee products, his company wouldn’t have attained it current global reputation. His exceptional leadership skills have helped Gano Excel and Organo Gold to perform well in the global market. The idea to introduce Ganoderma in North America is one of his formidable achievements. The success he enjoys for having introduced a unique product in the coffee industry can be attributed to his heritage, entrepreneurship skills, and Chinese culture. Know more about Bernardo Chua at Zoominfo

When Bernardo was young, he recognized the potential that Ganoderma had. Later on, in life, he decided to market it to countries outside Asia and China. Being the first person to sell the product outside his countries, Bernardo enjoyed a considerable amount of success. Also, his success can be attributed to the fact that he deals directly with his clients. He knew that selling directly to the clients would be the best way to grow his business quickly. His strategy worked, and he attracted many prospective consumers worldwide.

Having world-class products has enabled Bernardo Chua to be one of the most recognized entrepreneurs from the Pacific Rim. He has received several awards for his impact and achievements in the business world. The National Consumers Quality award is among the several awards Bernardo had received by 2014. Despite the success his Organo Gold is experiencing, Bernardo is still working hard to expand his business and broaden its global influence. He is keen on the kind of suppliers he works with since he wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of his products. He has invested in funding Ganoderma research programs so that more discoveries can be made. This way, the industry would easily record incredible growth.

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James Dondero has done his share of contributing to society. He is still doing it. What he has done in an effort to make a difference in the communities of Dallas, Texas has helped to enrich the people and add to their overall well being. Philanthropy has always been something that Dondero wanted to achieve. He has experienced much success in that area of his life. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

One such example of his giving happens to do with the Dallas Zoo. He donates $1 million for a hippo habitat. The residents of Dallas that visited the zoo often began to complain of the hippo habitat being closed. As a result of those complaints, James Dondero took care of the issue with his donation. He likes the hippo habitat and now there is a Highland Capital Lodge for guests wanting to host events. Zoo officials believed having the lodge is the real reason that the zoo is crowded instead of the hippo habitat. Either way, much revenue is being brought in thanks to both. Follow James on Linkedin.

Funding this hippo habitat is considered one of James Dondero’s finest achievements and rightfully so. He saved a zoo habitat and as a result, it contributed to the well-rounded efforts of everyone who visits. Dondero has given to other worthy causes such as the George W. Bush Library, where veterans can get help. Dondero is always looking to improve upon the society in which he lives s whole. We need to respect him.

When doing philanthropic work, there is a sense of joy that goes into it. Being able to give and see people benefit from what you have donated makes you smile. You really find yourself wanting to give more. There is nothing with making donations. Being able to give back definitely has a hugely positive outlook.


Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin has led the firm into making a commitment of providing sustainable food production for its diversified customers. Lavin and his colleagues have been taking advantage of the rapidly growing technology to create innovations in the food production sector. The OSI Group has been at the forefront of causing a leading advancement in the food industry.

Presently, the food producer is among the best performing food producer companies around the globe. The business started as a neighborhood meat shop and grew to become one of the leading suppliers of McDonald’s primary network of chain hotels and restaurants in the United States. The producer expanded to attain a position in the global food production industry. Its success story is one of the most encouraging business stories to startups. The growth of OSI Group has been spearheaded by Sheldon Lavin since 1970s when he joined the firm.

In his positions as the leader of OSI Group, Lavin has always been optimistic to utilizing new technologies and approaches to improve the company’s productivity and efficiency while cutting down on the environmental footprint that affected the firm’s operations. Currently, OSI Group embraces sustainability as one of its core techniques of arriving at a decision.

The company also relies on a tradition of developing and adapting to new technologies and strategies to overcome the global challenges that are encountered in the food production industry with the aim of creating sustainable foods. The firm also focuses on promoting technological advancement to cause environmentally food production methods. The growing focus on sustainability has helped the company as well as its CEO, Sheldon Lavin to receive various sustainability awards such as the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, the California Green Business Award, and the North America Meat Institute’s Environmental Award.

According to Sheldon Lavin, the prizes that the company and he get reflect the achievement that has been worked on for a long time. He believes that the firm deserves all the awards that it has ever received for its illustrious business career.

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Forbes published Madeline Berg’s article titled “Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd Swiped Right to a $230 Million Fortune”. The article reveals the $1 billion dollar app recently provided the founder with a fortune of $230 million. Though Wolfe Herd didn’t make the list for their “America’s Richest Self-Made Women”, the magazine believes the CEO will make the list soon if Bumble continues to grow at the same rate.

One of the biggest competitors Bumble deals with is Tinder. Wolfe Herd was one of the co-founders of Tinder and worked as the VP of Marketing. However, she left in 2014 after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boyfriend and co-founder Justin Mateen. It was revealed that he was later suspended from the company and Wolfe Herd settled the case for $1 million. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile on linkedin.

Though she didn’t want to continue in the dating sphere, a fellow dating app enthusiast, Andrey Andreev, convinced her to stick to what she knew. The founder of the dating app Badoo and Russian billionaire provided the startup funding of $10 million, obtaining 79% of the company. Wolfe Herd was also allowed to use the systems and software of Badoo. Using her talents in marketing and her idea to make a dating app centered on women’s experience, Whitney Wolfe Herd created Bumble.

In the first month, the dating app gained nearly 100,000 subscribers and in three short years, it spans the globe with more than 35 million users. The unique selling position of the company was the women first mindset, where the women make the initial contact, empowering women.

The company has also recently released expansions to the app that allows people to meet new friends and conduct business networking. The company continues to grow quickly, growing nearly 70% each year. It brought nearly $100 million in revenue in 2017.

WWD also featured Whitney Wolfe Herd in the article “Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine’s Board” discussing the recent venture between Wolfe Herd and Imagine Entertainment. She joined the company as a member of the board, acting as a non-voting member. Imagine Entertainment creates original programming, TV and feature films.

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Adam Milstein moved to the United States from Israel and has enjoyed a great deal of success. He runs the Hager Pacific Properties which is one of the top real estate companies in the country. Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist and is looking to use his money and influence to help people of both the United States and Israel. Recently, Adam Milstein noticed that more people from Israel are moving to the United States and this is a positive thing.

According to a recent report that Adam Milstein shared with his followers on social media, at least 1 million people from Israel are moving to the United States every year. Israel recently celebrated its 70th birthday. To honor all the support, they have received the U.S Embassy in Jerusalem was opened. Things are not at ease in Israel. Constant issues with Palestine and the content protests are making people uneasy. The high cost of living and lack of advanced opportunities are leading to people from Israel heading to the United States. Israelis come to the United States on a work or student visa and they apply to the government to stay.

Many people that travel to the United States from Israel are talented scholars. They come to the United States to continue their education or to take higher job positions. They get better salaries then they would if they stayed in their home country. They make much more in the United States then they would in Israel and can enjoyer a better quality of life. This is one reason why Adam Milstein came to the United States. Now that he has enjoyed success he is supportive of others from Israel following in his footsteps. More people are coming to the United States and they are making a name for themselves.

Dr. Mark Mckenna was looking forward to being a second-generation doctor. He had grown up watching his father run his own practice, helping people and making a good living in the process. Mckenna enrolled in medical school at Tulane University and began pursuing his dreams.

But he quickly realized that things had changes since his dad’s day. It had become a lot harder to make the really good money in medicine and Mckenna wasn’t sure he would have the future he envisioned.

So he began to make real estate investments. Working nights as a prison doctor he saved up enough money to begin the process. Though he got his medical degree in 2000, he found that he had a bigger passion for real estate. He worked at his fathers practice for a while but eventually left to do real estate investing full time.

Dr. Mark Mckenna did quite well in real estate in and around New Orleans. But then Hurricane Katrina hit and along with most of the rest of the city, Mckenns’s portfolio was soon literally and figuratively underwater.

With million lost and his portfolio in trouble, Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to stick it out and try to help rebuild the city. He began flipping houses, getting people in NOLA homes again and thereby helping the city get life back.

As he was working on fixing up New Orleans, he saw something too few did: The coming housing crash. Dr. Mark Mckenna sold his real estate profile before the bubble burst and got out of the industry far better off than most people did.

So Dr. Mark Mckenna took his money and went back to the medical field, getting involved in ShapeMed and helping turn it from a single clinic to a chain that was bought by Life Time Fitness, Inc. Mckenna then starting his own venture, OVME. Basically a home-order service for Botox injections, Mckenna saw the desire for an Uber-like service in aesthetic medicine. Using a phone app any customer can order their Botox online for delivery instead of going through a lengthy and expensive doctor’s visit.

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