Paul Mampilly: A Wealth Creation Guru with Portfolio Management Experience

Before transitioning to Main Street where he currently works as Banyan Hill Publishing’s senior editor, Paul Mampilly made a name for himself on Wall Street as one of the leading portfolio managers. At Banyan Hill, Mampilly uses the platform to distribute his wealth of knowledge on investment that he accumulated for several decades working for some of the leading investment and portfolio management companies globally. As an editor specializing in finance, Paul Mampilly offers strategies on sound and bold investment ideas that can help in realizing greater returns on investment. His investment advisory also draws from his personal experience, having successfully invested in some of the best and highly successful portfolios including Google’s initial public offer (IPO) and Sarepta Therapeutics; a pharmaceutical company specializing in revolutionary medications.

Born in India, Paul Mampilly’s remarkable career began with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Montclair State University in 1991 when his family moved to the United States. He later furthered his education at Fordham Gabelli School of Business where he received his Master’s degree in Business Administration. He began his career in portfolio management as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust Company before rising to become a portfolio manager at the company. His meteoric rise through the industry saw him serve in various capacities including research assistant at Deutsche Bank, senior research analyst at ING and later, as a hedge funds and investment portfolio manager at Kinetics Asset Management. His tenure at the latter saw his profile as a portfolio manager rise as his asset portfolio grew rapidly.

Investment Philosophy

Paul Mampilly’s commitment to knowledge-based investment saw him found Capuchin Consulting; a company dedicated to sharing investment ideas since its founding in 2013. The company brings together investment specialists with the view of dispensing investment knowledge to the masses. As an authority on investment, Mampilly has shared his investment ideas and opinions on some of the leading television networks and newspapers such as Reuters and Bloomberg TV. His sound financial strategies at Banyan Hill Publishing have seen the company record an upsurge in subscriptions for its investment newsletter. He is also a weekly columnist and trading services manager.


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