Paul Mampilly Leading Stock Market Investment Expert in the United States

One of the most renowned financial experts in the United States today is Paul Mampilly, who is currently the senior editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul has done his post-graduation in business administration from Fordham University in New York. Paul has vast experience in working for the commercial finance sector and has worked with numerous financial corporations throughout his career, including for Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, Swiss Bank, Sears, and a few more. He also joined Kinetics Asset Management as a head of their fund management, where he helped the company’s asset under management to rise from the mere $7 billion to over $25 billion. He is also the winner of the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition where he helped the fund of $50 million to grow to $88 million during the time when the entire world was engulfed in recession. The best part of this achievement was that he achieved it without shorting the stocks in his holding. Watch Paul on Youtube.

Paul Mampilly has been a Wall Street insider for many years and has learned the tricks of the trade, which he shares today with the common people through his newsletters named True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Extreme Fortunes. Paul believes that it is necessary for the people to be smart with their finances and make a routine with their investments. It is what would help in overcoming the financial obstacles in the future. He names the list of stocks and sectors that he thinks would be growing rapidly in the future. The predictions made by Paul Mampilly have helped his readers and followers gain considerable returns in the future. Paul is mostly known for his ability to find the small and mid-cap stocks that are primed for growth and has earned a fortune investing in the small-cap stocks himself.

Paul Mampilly believes that with the help of little research, it is possible to find stocks that are meant to grow rapidly in the near future. It is due to his experience and expertise with stock market investment and hedge fund management; Paul has featured on many TV shows on different business networks, such as on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, CNBC, Reuters, Fox News, and more. The expertise of Paul in the field of stock market investment is unparalleled, and he is believed to be one of the most prominent names in the field of stock market investments. The stock recommendations provided by Paul Mampilly in his newsletters are followed by thousands of his avid followers. Read:




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