Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Master of His Own Faith and, China’s Giant E-commerce Store

Richard Liu Qiangdong has a story that you can only see in movies – his story of success happened in real life. He turned his travesties into treasures and he has turned tides into his favors when the tides were entirely and particularly mean to him. He has overcome challenges that would eat a normal person up. But Richard Liu Qiangdong was no normal person – he is a person of dedication, strong will and tenacity. These challenges were me re hurdles to him – This is Richard Liu Qiangdong’s story.

He was born into a family of business minded people – though his family’s business was not enough for him to be sent to premier schools abroad. He made do of what he had and what his family has given him and was able to finish tertiary school and was able to get his Executive Master’s in Business Administration – from here he started his business that involved magneto-optics products. Though during this time his grand mother has fallen into an illness that his family could not sustain and offer her proper and professional medical help. And this time was where everything dominoed against him and this was the start of a series of unfortunate events.

He had twelve brick stores that he has opened for his products – but then the SARS outbreak happened which harmed his business because his physical stores required human interaction – but with the SARS outbreak, physical human interaction was very discouraged because of the viral nature of the disease. This resulted to his physical brick stores closing down and him losing his workers – but this was also his rising from the ashes because this event conceived Jingdong, or who has a prior name as To avoid physical interaction but still be able to connect with his clients – he has moved to e-commerce and from here his business bloomed.

Now, Richard Liu Qiangdong sprints at the pace of another Chinese e-commerce giant, Jack Ma with his site Alibaba. Offline or online, Richard Liu Qiangdong is now one of the top retailers in China and has proven himself to be the master of his own faith and an overcomer of feats that are thrown against him.

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