Roseann Bennett-Founder Of The Center For Assessment And Treatment


Roseann Bennett is the founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. This facility offers therapy and counseling services. Roseann Bennett was offering in-home services before he went to out-patient. She realized that there was too much suffering for people who were seeking outpatient services. She started this center for the willingness to help those who could not be attended to in other facilities. She wanted to offer everyone an equal chance to enjoy great services without paying too much money. She teamed up with her husband Todd Bennett to create this facility which so far boasts of assisting hundreds of people. View Additional Info Here.

Roseann Bennett has been offering services for the past one decade. She is trying to create an opportunity for anyone who would like counseling. She is responsible for the management of the facility. She oversees curriculum development as well as daily operations of the facility. She wants to be on top of everything that is happening in this facility. Her wish is to see the value she upholds always guiding the daily operations of the center. She started it without even space and had to use one of his rooms at home. She has practical experience for one decade as a counselor, and therefore she is familiar with every move that is happening. She is familiar with different methods of therapy and counseling and the results to expect from each one of them. Recently, she incorporated Canine-Assisted Therapy in her practice.

Roseann Bennett is known for dealing with teenagers and their families. She has a reputation for understanding what happens with the young generation. She is offering incomparable services in the whole of New Jersey, and his priority is never about how much one can pay. She wanted to create an affordable facility. Roseann Bennett is approved by the relevant organization to offer counseling and therapy treatment. Hoping to inspire students entering the mental health field, the Center for Assessment and Treatment in Hackettstown is Offering Scholarships to help with the cost of their education.


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