Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Shares How To Cope With Anxiety


Hackettstown, New Jersey Marriage and Family Therapist Roseann Bennett has been helping people deal with life’s challenges for over a decade. She has been helping mainly adolescents during the course of her career with the last nine years being at her own nonprofit mental health agency, the Center for Assessment and Treatment.

One of the issues that she helps people manage is anxiety.

She wrote a blog post about this issue and how people with anxiety can find ways to cope with it on a daily basis. This is an issue that affects millions of people but for those who suffer from anxiety they may feel alone with this anyway.

Roseann Bennett suggests that setting aside a daily worry time can be very helpful. Worrying about things is inevitable when you suffer from anxiety so putting aside a daily time to mentally process things can be very helpful. This can help it from lingering over the rest of the day.

She also wrote that dealing with anxiety is not ever going to be an overnight process. It requires baby steps to achieve the larger goal of moving past anxiety. Roseann Bennett says that those with anxiety should view each small step as an accomplishment. Get Related Information Here.

Unexpected things happen in everybody lives. Roseann Bennett says that people should prepare themselves for these happening to them so that they are better able to roll with the punches that life is going to inevitably deliver.

Bennett wrote that people should develop the skills to recognize false alarms.

People with anxiety will often create a situation in their head that is completely different than what is actually going on. Roseann Bennett recommends not letting your anxiety get the best of you in social situations and take a deep breath.


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