Samuel Strauch and the Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Metrik Real Estate, one of the most influential and successful real estate companies in all of Florida. Metrik Real Estate has risen up the ranks thanks to the hard work of Samuel Strauch, a Hofstra University graduated who also studied at Harvard and Erasmus University. Strauch’s story, and his keys to success, are as interesting as they come and as such we fully intend on diving into them so as to illustrate potential paths that young entrepreneurs can take for themselves.

Getting into the real estate game was all about timing for Strauch. Strauch says, “When I first arrived in Miami approximately 15 years ago, I witnessed a fantastic real estate opportunity.” Strauch points to how, at the time, the population in Mimi was booming thanks to people flooding back into the former resort area. Strauch had also established some real connections throughout Latin America and everyone knows that Miami is the gateway to Latin America. The puzzle pieces fit together just right for Strauch and before long, Metrik Holdings was in existence.

Now, fully operational with more than 15 years of service behind them, Metrik Real Estate continues to pivot off of the industry in order to innovate the game. Strauch says of his current business plan, “My company focuses on keeping up with technological advances that play major roles in the way people live their lives.” Strauch has made it a point to focus on continuing to push the limits for what they do at Metrik Holdings and that has changed the way he approaches the people he decides to work with. Strauch goes on to say, “Our primary focus is on creating unique projects that connect with the minds of younger people living in a closely knit world.”

As an entrepreneur, Samuel Strauch is well aware thatthe time for innovation is never at an end. Strauch says that his business is more than just a company and that it is a “socially responsible business” driven by their core philosophy. Samuel Strauch goes on to explain that every business enterprise includes raising money for local causes, offering educational opportunities to the community and largely just helping to make the world a better place where they work. Samuel Strauch is a firm believer in spreading happiness and positive vibes so it is no surprise that his work at Metrik Real Estate would echo those sentiments. Learn more:


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