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Bitcoin digital currency has been in existence since 2009. Today, bitcoin is an investing magnet with a worth of more than $92,000. The city of Miami is slowly embracing its use in buying and selling. Miami’s real estate experts find that accepting its value in large-scale transactions is more advantageous. Bitcoins are fast becoming a globally popular digital currency. Many industries are attempting to introduce bitcoin to buy and sell as in the real estate field.

Many investors are trying to accept bitcoin within the real estate property business. Bitcoin is presently used to send and receive money all around the world. Miami, Florida, and its real estate industry is accepting bitcoin transactions because of the diverse people living in this financially lucrative market. Bitcoin is a daily currency that has been adopted and is used Dubai real estate market.

One person who see bitcoin as a future viable currency is Mike Komaransky, a Miami homeowner who is selling his property using bitcoins. His home is on sale for $6.5 million and he is looking for a buyer to complete the deal with bitcoins. Mr. Komaransky believes that using bitcoin currency is a less riskier means of payment exchange.

Samuel Strauch is a successful realtor who is keeping an open mind on bitcoin technology. Mr. Strauch believes that times are changing quickly, and new business practices should be considered. Samuel Strauch has years of experience in the real estate industry, having acquired a BA degree from the prestigious Hofstra University.

He also achieved additional education from the renowned Harvard University and Erasmus University. With digital currency like bitcoins, transactions will be completed within hours rather than days. Samuel Strauch stated that it is not a standard buying and selling practice in real estate to use bitcoin, but a person can sell their home for anything if it is agreed upon by both parties and if it is clear and stipulated in its listing and closing paperwork.

Samuel Strauch believes that when industries catch on too using bitcoin, this will introduce a new form of currency which is both easier to use and is a cheaper form of money. Bitcoin experts visualize that it will be the favored currency of the future, especially in the real estate industry. According to bitcoin will be used exclusively by agents and investors in the real estate market.

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