Securus Technologies Helpful in Catching a Violent Home Invader

When my fugitive task force is called to a city to take down a suspect, you know this person is trouble. Today we were dealing with a fugitive who had escalated his crimes from simple burglaries, to violent home invasions. The last three incidents were exactly the same, and the families he hurt are all still suffering in the hospital. What is troubling for my team is the suspect is hurting adults and children, then wiping out the possessions of the family for his own gain.


The last couple he robbed reported that he was carrying a gun and threatened to use it if he did not find what he was looking for. One victim said he tried to fire the weapon at her husband, but the gun appeared to jam, so he pistol whipped him instead. We did not intend for this fugitive to get the chance to use the gun on another family.


One thing we knew for sure, this fugitive had to be unloading his goods somewhere in exchange for cash, and that was going to be the weak link in this case to help us find and arrest him. There were no friends, no family, no informants, so we had to try and drum up some leads the old-fashioned way. After plastering the city with posters of our suspect, we hit the local news stations. Then we headed over to the local jail, and decided to make use of the their Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system.


By now, even the inmates knew why we were at the jail. It didn’t take long for one inmate to make a call and tell his good friend not to be buying from this suspect until the heat died down. That was the piece of the puzzle that allowed us to arrest our suspect before he struck again.



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