Securus Technologies Now the Ultimate Player in Inmate Technology

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1986, Securus Technologies was just a small company that saw how much advances in technology was going to play in the corrections space in the future. Having that foresight has given them a huge edge over 30 years later, as the company is currently the premier player in the space. The company recently announced that it has reached a deal to acquire government payment processor, GovPayNet, in a move that further cements the company as the number one prison technology company in North America.


The terms of the agreement were not disclosed but CEO of GovPayNet, Mark MacKenzie will remain as the leader of the company. GovPayNet was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1999 and has current contracts with over 2,300 government agencies, covering over 26% of counties, across the country. They specialize in processing debit and credit payments in the form of bail payments, traffic fines, and other payments for government agencies.


Securus Technologies is a prison technology company that provides payment processing, biometric analysis, parolee tracking, inmate self-service, and a host of other products to over 3,500 facilities and 1.2 million inmates in North America. The acquisition, along with the 2015 acquisition of JPay, will give Securus the capability to process over 4 million payments per year. The company has office locations in Dallas and three other locales in the United States, has over 1,000 employees, and is headed up by CEO, Bob Pickens.



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