Securus Technologies presents data and facts on GTL’s malpractice

Securus Technologies is leading company in the inmate communication and service provider industry. Quite recently the company has engaged in investigations of its competitor company GTL. Results from the investigation were shocking and unbelievable. In a press release posted at the company’s website Securus’ CEO, Richard Smith highlighted a few ways that GTL has been conducting in unethical business practices. The company went on to promise that the recent press release is nothing but the beginning of the highlight and exposure. It expects to release additional information that should shake up the correction industry. The tech guru announced that GTL has undertaken in various malpractices. It went on to add that such incidences are going to affect how the company is going to operate in the long term.


In the press release, Securus presented facts and data how GTL adjusted their telephones with a preset meter. The meter adjusted the length of phone calls and increased it by 15 to 36 seconds. Apart from this, GTL went on to program its telephone systems, which increased the call rates compared to that of its competitors. Such malpractices conducted by the company are illegal as they give unfair advantage over other businesses.


Securus Technologies accused GTL of incorporating add-on programs on their telephone software. GTL showed a total disrespect to the correction facility industry by not playing by the rules. The company has proved to put interests in profit above offering the best services to its clients. Securus Technologies, on the other hand, has always placed interests of its customers first and has shown that it is not there to just make money.


Securus Technologies has proved to offer excellent products and services. I find the services provided by the company extremely reliable as it continues to improve and build on its customer base. With companies like Securus Technologies, inmates will talk to their friends and family without the fear of being overcharged.




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