Securus Technologies Provides Video Visitation Technology

The use of video for communication purposes has increased significantly over the past decade. While there are various reasons for the increase, one of the main reasons is because the technology associated with using video has improved greatly over the past few years. The speed along with other video aspects have improved to the point that video related communication either online or by phone is very good.


The improvement of the technology that is primarily used regarding video type communication has open the possibilities for many uses by businesses and other organizations. The idea of video has been used for years concerning video conferencing and various other video related communications. One of the problems with video communication is that unless the hardware is top of the line, the speed of the communication is not fast enough to make the video communication the level desired by many people.


As the hardware and network related technology has allowed video communication to become more acceptable to users with average network capabilities, many companies have pushed the use of video communication. One of these companies is Securus Technologies. The company is in the process of preparing for assisting inmates at correction facilities to be able to talk to their families during the Christmas holiday season.


Securus Technologies will be using what it calls video visitation technology to allow inmates to see and talk to their families in real time. The video technology provides crisp audio and quality resolution video. The result is a communication that is almost life like.


The technology allows inmates to view and verbally communicate with family using a communication link that is created at the time of the communication session. Although the inmates will not be home for Christmas, the video visitation technology will give inmates the chance to visit with their families during this special holiday season. The technology provides a clear audio sound and a clear video picture.


I feel that the ability for inmates to actually view and communicate with their families during Christmas is great. Many inmates have a difficult time during the Christmas holiday because they cannot spend time with family. The use of the video visitation technology will offer inmates the chance to come home in some form during the Christmas season.


Securus Technologies provides technology related products and services to the corrections market and other similar organizations.


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