Steve Ritchie Is Showing That Papa John’s Is Still Part Of The Family

Steve Ritchie has a lot of work ahead of him after being promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s. The pizza company that has stores throughout the United States has been going through some hard times lately with decreased sales, but he’s ready to do whatever it takes to bring his customers back. People were disappointed with the behavior of a former member of the Papa John’s team and they let the company know about. They heard and they are listening to what the world is saying needs to change.

Recently, Steve Ritchie and the rest of Papa John’s launched a campaign to let the world know that they are more than ready for change and welcome it. They know that people lost their faith in the company and were hurt by some of the actions of this former employee. This personally impacted Steve Ritchie and the rest of the executive team at the company. This has spurred them to take big actions to fix the company and make it more inclusive and diverse than ever before. Papa John’s has always stood for the quality of their food and they are extending that to their people and actions as well.

It can be difficult to look at your own company and find the problems in the culture yourself, this is why they hired an independent auditor to give an idea of what actions their company needs to take. This is not the only thing that Steve Ritchie is doing to figure out what his company needs. His team, which includes himself, took the initiative to go to many different restaurants in their chain to speak to the customers and team members themselves. The opinions many of them have weren’t exactly the most positive, but that’s already starting to change.

In order to increase the diversity in his company, Steve Ritchie implemented a long-term goal to encourage minority ownership of their franchises. In addition, they are reaching out to their communities to try to help the different causes that are important locally. This is all on top of some of the shorter-lasting efforts to address immediate problems that were brought to their attention.


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