Stream Energy Philanthropic Activities

Stream Energy is a privately held energy company which provides energy, protective, wireless and home services. The company’s headquarters are in Dallas and Texas. The founders of the company are Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshkaji who founded it in the year 2004. Currently, the chief executive officer of Stream Energy is Larry Mondry. The primary sales channel for this company is multi-level marketing.
Stream Energy sells gas and electric services in Washington DC and other seven states. The other services are provided nationwide. Due to its uniqueness and highly innovative, Stream is among the largest energy companies in the world. It has put in place different energy plans which suits its consumers making it a reputable company in the country. Currently, Stream Energy services are available in Illinois, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, and Washington DC. The industry has also moved forward to providing international wireless plans and home services. It provides services like Virtual MD and Stream Digital Voice. Virtual MD helps you to access quality healthcare services from home.
Apart from the business is the main agenda for the company, Stream energy has also considered philanthropy as part of its philosophy. It has always desired to help people not only in Dallas but across the nation. This was enhanced through the creation of Stream Cares Foundation in 2016. The company attempts to change Texas by being generous and conducting philanthropic activities. It is this foundation which is responsible for all charities offered by the company. Here are some of the instances when Stream Energy offered charity
• Hurricane Harvey which hit Houston, the company helped the affected families to speed their recovery using its funds
• During the tornado in Texas, the company aided the victims by giving them financial assistance
• During the homeless crisis in Dallas, the company provided clothing and basic items for the needy children
The company also has a program for helping military families. One of the programs is the American Girl Doll Experience which is directed to the daughters of American military personnel. With this program, they help the daughters financially and psychologically making them feel embraced.


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