Stream Energy Steps Up to the Plate During Hurricane Harvey

Not every booming business tends to always do the right thing. However, Stream Energy went against those traditional ideas and really stepped up when it mattered, specifically in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Stream Energy is well known, nationally, for bringing better electric utility rates to customers through their network of sales associates and brokers. Starting off as a way for those desiring to help friends and family save money through the brokering of electric services at better, lower rates – the concept gained momentum and countless happy sales associates and customers over the years.


The Stream Energy concept allows those wanting to help others through lower utility bills took on a new meaning after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. The company itself took swift action to assist not only their sales associates but their customers as well.


Stream Energy started off by making a monetary donation of $25,000 to the American Red Cross to help with immediate needs of those impacted ( Beyond that, Stream Energy started reaching out to their associates in those areas and offered and then afforded assistance in determining top issues requiring support. This helped associated interact and calm the fears of the customers of Stream Energy.


Stream Energy truly took the seriousness of the situation and made waivers such as the removal of late fees for customers and wireless phone usage overages for associates. Both moves proved to be a positive factor during an otherwise dire situation.


Additionally, Stream Energy supported crowdfunding measures to support sales associates and their reduced income due to the Hurricane by pledging to match donations to keep their sales associates in business. Those who have chosen Stream Energy as their electric provider and as their venue of being an entrepreneur lauded the company for their quick and beneficial actions that brought relief to both sales ambassadors and customers alike (GCReport).



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