Swiss Venture Under the Leadership of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is well known for his entrepreneurship ventures. In fact, he is a great Swiss business person with remarkable success. He started in the industry at a young age with a chance at the banking industry. He spent two decades in Swiss banking industry, which was a significant part of his career as from his formative years he had to master a few critical entrepreneurial skills that have been the cornerstone of his success. He started out as an employee of UBS where he was the commerce apprentice working under some of the brilliant minds in the industry.


This kind of mentorship helped him grow. Coupled with hard work and determination he was able to rise to the position of executive member of one of the most prestigious private banks in Switzerland. He moved out of the banking sector after 20 years to start out his private entrepreneurship adventure which laden him starting the Swiss startup Company. He followed his entrepreneurship passion in 2014 when he was 39years old.


Together with two other partners, Mike was able to form a company that is focused on helping other upcoming entrepreneurs start ventures successfully. His company is focused on giving mentorship t such entrepreneurs. Mike is known to be one of the founding members of the Swiss Startup association. He has an MBA from Rochester University and Executive MBA from Berne University. This academic qualification coupled with the years he spent in a challenging work environment, which is the Swiss private banking industry, Mike, is equipped with the necessary skills to offer professional advice and guidance to struggling or upcoming entrepreneurs. This was an idea that became known after realizing that most entrepreneurs fail to tap into their full potential and realize success because they are distracted by the lack of understanding some crucial aspects of the business that is core to their success.


The Swiss startup company has been in operating since 2014. It has its headquarter based in Zurich and its primary focus is on developing modern or digital kind of entrepreneurs. The company has been one to offer unique and exceptional platforms to aspiring entrepreneurs through its vast connections and networks that most starting entrepreneurs lack. The company has a three month accelerator program for its clients which is an eye opener in term of financing, training and services not forgetting lifelong links that every entrepreneur needs to excel.



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