Talkspace and The Empowering Assistance It Has Offered To Great Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps

There are winners in any competition, but the winners tend to lose later on when they can’t cope with the fact that their victory has now dwindled. This may be the case with what the great athlete Michael Phelps has recently been experiencing. He was a tremendously successful athlete, but later on, realized that his great Olympic swimmer reputation has now come to pass. For this, he battled with depression and other anxiety issues, and this has resulted to his new strategic partnership with Talkspace, the online therapy app that helps people with mental health struggles to get the assistance they need.

In an article from Tech Times, Phelps shared some of the most significant challenges regarding his emotions that he felt he was forced to confront. And he realized that it was so hard to find the kind of help that he needed until he found Talkspace. It is a mark of great success that people are able to confront, battle, deal and finally overcomes their mental demons. Fortunately, as Phelps dealt with his issues, he became stronger, more powerful and more in control of his emotions. With the help that he got from Talkspace’s text messages through its therapist, as well as its video chat feature, he felt an incredible sense of empowerment. This empowerment was so tremendously helpful in growing his arsenal of coping tools that would fight his mental demons. Phelps hit rock bottom in 2014 when he was still dealing with his DUI issues. He was in a really dark place, and fortunately, he was able to confront it with the professional assistance of a therapist.

More of the details about Talkspace and Michael Phelps are found in the PR Newswire article. It is there that people can learn how Talkspace’s professionals have addressed the needs of Phelps in ways that are unique, current, state-of-the-art and most importantly, mentally healthy to Phelps. Such partnership has not only been productive to Phelps. There are also many other patients today that have been benefiting from the keenest programs offered by Talkspace through its video messaging, voice and online text assistance for mental health issues.


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