Ted Bauman Helps Keep Your Assets Safer

As Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is the creator and editor of The Bauman Letter. He has been with Banyan Hill since 2013. He is also the editor of two other publications, the Plan B Club, as well as the Alpha Stock Alert.

Ted Bauman is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in Maryland, and is originally from nearby Washington DC, where he was born. He attended the University of Cape Town, a well-known university in South Africa. His areas of postgraduate studies were in the fields of economics and history. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

He made the decision to stay in South Africa, and he began his career there. Ted Bauman held several positions over the course of the 25 years he spent in South Africa. For a good deal of his career up until that point, he acquired much experience as a financial manager, largely with housing projects. This led to the creation of Slum Dwellers International, an organization co-founded by Ted and some of his associates. Through its efforts, it has improved the housing needs of over 14 million people living in many countries around the world.

He has dedicated his life, and his career to helping other people. Ted Bauman’s experience and interest in finance and economics transcends to the topics he writes about in The Bauman Letter. He advises is readers on how to better plan for their financial future. Additionally, he shares with them the importance of keeping their personal information private, and encourages methods for them to do so, in order to keep their finances safe. He also provides valuable information to plan for retirement, and where to safely protect their retirement accounts.

As a writer and editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman puts a great deal of emphasis on his own research, to keep current on the topics on which he writes. He then performs extensive analysis on the data he researches, in order to provide a high level of insight and information to his readers. More information can be found at


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