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Ted Bauman now serves as Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing, an independent financial research firm that provides non-personalized investment advice to those who sign up for its services. He joined Banyan Hill in 2013. Besides his duties as Editorial Director, Bauman writes three publications himself: The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. He specializes in helping investors find opportunities to make large gains in the financial markets without taking on excessive risk. As someone who has led an international life, Bauman shared a lot of what he has had to learn about asset protection, issues related to international migration and privacy.

As a young man he emigrated to South Africa to pursue his postgraduate studies. He obtained postgraduate degrees in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town. He then went to work for nonprofit organizations, especially housing projects, often administrating them or helping to manage their investments. He helped to found one nongovernmental organization, Slum Dwellers International, that has expanded to 35 countries, helping 14 million people. See the complete profile on LinkedIn

Bauman’s work has taken him to over 75 countries. He’s seen every area of the world, while worked for such clients as the government of South Africa, the United Nations, agencies in Europe that give grants and the World Bank. He spent five years back in the United States working for Habitat for Humanity International as Director of International Housing Programs. He’s widely known as an international expert in housing projects.

His experiences working and traveling in all kinds of countries, wealthy and emerging, convinced Bauman everybody needs to make sure they guard their privacy from government intrusion. And he realizes people need to retain the freedom to move and to transfer their wealth. You cannot rely on just one country. You need to diversify your sources of income, your residences and your investment assets. He writes about these issues in the monthly issues of The Bauman Letter. People need to remain flexible, because situations change. They need to be able to move to places that are safer and more private, more cost-effective or just more congenial. The world is full of economic perils, but also economic opportunities. Learn more on crunchbase about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has found the most productive time of day for him is first thing in the morning. After getting his daughter to school, he goes right down to his office in the basement. Not having a commute helps him save time.

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