The decline of U.S economy and the death of Silicon Valley as seen by Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is one of the prominent venture capitalists in the United States. He is known for his former role at Sherpa Capital where he was the managing director. Early this year, the Uber investor went on Twitter and sent out 50 messages with information about the future of the American economy. He expressed his thoughts by outlining what he thought were indicators that the economy is headed south. The tweet storm did not only focus on the American economy but other matters related to the financial industry. For instance, he talked about the bond market, bitcoin, immigration, and even the Silicon Valley.

American economy

On the American economy, Shervin Pishevar painted a dark picture of the state of the economy. By his projection, the economy will deteriorate in the coming days. He pointed out some factors that he believed were indications of an economy on the decline. The stock market was going down at the time of messages. He projected that the stock market would drop by 6,000 points, which would erase all the gains made in the past one year. The performance of the U.S Stock Market gives a clear picture of the overall performance of the economy. When it is doing poorly, the economy is also in danger.

The Silicon Valley

After talking about the economy, he moved onto Silicon Valley. By his analysis, Silicon Valley is on its death. There is no way it can maintain the high-profile name it has held for years. The world’s best innovations no longer have to come from the valley. Many countries are creating their versions of Silicon Valley to tap the talents of their citizens. Unlike in the past when great talent would come to the United States, this has no longer have to be the case anymore. Shervin Pishevar adds that Silicon Valley is no longer about a physical location, but rather an idea that is being implemented across the globe.

The projections of Shervin Pishevar were not off the mark since most of the projections he made are coming out correct. Others will be proven as time progresses.


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