The Entrepreneurship of Flavio Maluf

Being a successful entrepreneur in Brazil can be particularly difficult because of the heavy taxes required by the government. This includes both the national taxes and the regional taxes. Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex, is fighting against this by starting tax incentive programs for businesses to give money that would typically be earmarked for taxation to various groups in society. Not only will this help them avoid heavy taxation, by this sponsorship they will also be creating for themselves a positive image. Visit their website to learn more.

Not all companies are eligible to enter the tax incentive program, however. It depends upon their area of operation. In addition, eligible companies must be those who are judged to have real profit. At the lead in determining the eligibility of these companies sits Maluf. Thos that are can use the money to create jobs and to generate life into the economy in other ways. The industries most benefitting are information technology, infrastructure, export companies, aerospace, port, agricultural, and audiovisual structures.

Flavio Maluf first entered the business world in 1987. He began in Eucatex’s trade department. Not long afterward he was promoted to the industrial department. He worked for many years in that department until 1996. At this time, his uncle who was the president of the entire company invited him to join the executive board. In 1997 he replaced his uncle as company president. Since that time he has been fully committed to building upon the foundation laid by his uncle. He is very optimistic about the future of Eucatex.

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