The Key Benefits of Renting Some of Manhattan’s Shared Office Spaces


Co-working spaces are now more popular than ever, being a time where everyone is seeking to be self-employed. The reason why co-working spaces have gained so much popularity is because of the many benefits it has to offer. Here are some of the advantages that workers find by working in shared office spaces.


Increased productivity

Co-working spaces make workers more productive. This is because one is motivated working around other focused people. Additionally, unlike working from home, in co-working spaces, you do not have to worry about intrusions from family members and friends. Also, there is less temptation to take breaks and relax.


Business Growth

Co-working spaces allow faster business growth than working from home. These spaces provide room for networking. Therefore, one is able to access more clients. Also, due to facilitated introductions by other people utilizing the space, your client base is bound to grow. This means increased income.


Achieving a Balance

Being able to balance between work and your personal life is one of the keys to success. Each part must receive equal attention. Otherwise it will fail and also jeopardize the success of the other part. Working from home might be difficult to achieve this balance. Particularly, if you are not disciplined. You might get tempted to carry out house chores or spend time bonding with family and friends when you should be working. However, being away from home and in co-working spaces, you have nothing else to do but work.



Unlike working in traditional offices, with co-working spaces, you can get in and out as you like. They allow you 24-hour access. Hence, encouraging you to even work overtime.


Workville NYC is the place to look if you feel the need to be renting one of New York City’s shared office spaces. We are based in New York City, on the 21st floor of the luxury building. Our co-working spaces, in Union Square, Bryant Park and near the main transportation hubs allow ease of access, both for you and your customers.


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