The Making Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is easily one of the staple names and definitely one of the most distinguished and recognizable authorities in all the businesses of North America – and of course he is recognized and respected all around the world of business.

Every person that makes it big in the battle field of business, certainly had a journey of feats, triumphs and losses. Everything big starts small, and this is the same of a case for Greg Aziz.

He hails from London, Ontario and he was born into this world on April 30th, 1949 – he then got his secondary education at Ridley College and then applied and got accepted into the prestigious University of Western Ontario and finished here with his bachelor’s degree majoring in Economics. Read This Article for additional information.

Greg Aziz was born into a family of business – so you would say he was born to be and was early on the road on becoming a businessman – to which he succeeded, and he has become one. His first experience in business was when he was absorbed into his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods way back 1971. From then on their family business has grown to be a world staple provider of fresh foods all across the globe – from Europe, South and Central America. From here, success just went on and on for James Aziz, with his quick wit, determination and laser focus.

Now Gregory Aziz is the current Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car, he has given his time, blood, sweat and tears to this company since the year 1994. He is a boss and leader of compassion, humility and leader by example. He is a determined worker and he focuses on the most important and critical things for the betterment of his company.

Greg James Aziz is a man of business – but he is also a man of the community, a man of compassion, and a man of charity. He is a patron of the arts and he sponsors multiple art platforms like the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, United Way and Theater Aquarius. He is a man of selflessness – all his employees with their families are always invited to partake in the annual National Steel Car’s Food Drive for the Hamilton food banks, in line with the company’s annual Christmas festivities. Greg influences his family to do the same that is why the Aziz family is respected and known to be supportive of their community.






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